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Mandakini Takhellambam (SA RE GA MA PA 2018) BIOGRAPHY, SONGS & MORE

Mandakini Takhellambam (SA RE GA MA PA 2018) BIOGRAPHY, SONGS & MORE

Mandakini Takhellambam (SA RE GA MA PA 2018) BIOGRAPHY, SONGS & MORE

Basic Information About Mandakini Takhellambam

Mandakini Takhellambam is Indian Singer from Imphal, Manipur. Mandakini started singing at the age of five. She learned classical music and Manipur folk music and also learned western music and also knows to play Guitar. Mandakini is a very much famous singer in her state Manipur. Manipur people have given her lot of love and respect.

Professional Life of Mandakini Takhellambam

Mandakini Takhellambam first appeared on Indian Television during Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2012. She got Selected in 2012, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. In 2018 she again participated in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. She participated Sa Re Ga Ma Pa two times.

 During auditions of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2018, she sang “Meri Awaz Hi Pehchan Hai” and her performance was given standing ovation by all judges and jury members. She got hundred percent from Jury members. She was highly praised by judges and is placed in “Shekhar Ka Gharana”. Mandakini also covered many Manipuri songs on Youtube.

Mandakini Takhellambam During 2012 Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Mandakini Takhellambam Social Media Profile

Mandakini Takhellambam is on Facebook. Click here for Mandakini Takhellambam’s Facebook Page.

Mandakini Photos

Mandakini Takhellambam
Mandakini Takhellambam During Music Show
Mandakini Takhellambam During Concert


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