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Five Things You Should Never Say To Your Partner During Fight

Five Things You Should Never Say To Your Partner During Fight

Had ever in your life, you regretted all those mean things that you said, after having an ugly fight with your Partner? We all tend to do this, and you are no exception. During such moments of anger, we actually fail to realize that there are certain things which we are not spouses to say to our partner. Here is a list of the phrases and topics which you must avoid during your arguments.

I Will Leave

This is the most common Phrase which we use during our verbal fight with our partner. Deep within you know that you won’t and you love your partner too much to leave. So why threaten him? Empty threats often take the wrong route and can affect your relationship majorly. So please, don’t! It’s a heartless thing to say and it can lead to anxiety and fear. If you love your partner, don’t make him go through this emotional trauma.

Do You Love Me?

This is another stupid thing which we used to say to our partner during fights. Your partner is arguing with you doesn’t mean that he/she don’t love you. Its normal to have arguments, it just means that you both have your own opining regarding that particular thing. Having own opinion is always good but this doesn’t question love. It is better not to ask this question because it can damage your relationship

Bringing Up Past Quarrels

Do you want your relationship to turn toxic? No, right?! So don’t dig your grave because nobody likes to be blamed time and again for buried hatchets. Neither will your partner want you to dig the past quarrels. Don’t yell at your partner for past incidences. Imagine yourself that if your partner starts digging buried hatches, then how will you feel. Multiple blames give rise to retaliation and attacks. It is better to focus on the current issue and fix it.

Calling Each Other Names

Most of us do this during our fight with our partner. When you are hurt and angry, you don’t realize what you’re saying and it often goes to an extent of name-calling. A relationship should steer clear of any abuse, be it verbal or physical. Name-calling will only demean your love. Couples also often indulge in character assassination during a fight. But, guys you need to keep the distance from such verbal attacks.

Personal attacks

Sometimes during the argument, there comes a point, where winning the argument becomes the motto, and you lose focus and get distracted from the real issue. In such a condition, you would go to any extent to win the argument, even you perform personal attacks for that matter. It is strongly recommended not to attack your partner, as It will drive emotions into a negative space, and to get back from there can be really difficult.



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