Andre The Giant Daughter, Robin Christensen, Net Worth, Age, Height

Read about Andre The Giant Daughter, Robin Christensen, Net Worth, Age, Height in this article.

Basic Information and Family of Robin Christensen

Real Name Robin Christensen Roussimoff 
Born 1979 in France
Residing Seattle, Washington
Height 183 cm (6 Feet)
 Net Worth  $ 100,000

Robin Christensen Roussimoff is an actor and public figure. She was born in 1979 in France. She’s the only daughter of Andre the Giant (André René Roussimoff), a famous french wrestler. She has a loving relationship with her mother, Jean Christensen.

Read how Jean Christensen got in relation to “Andre The Giant” and got pregnant?

Jean met Andre in the early ’70s when she worked in public relations for the wrestling business. She gave birth to Andre the Giant daughter, but it seems Andre initially didn’t accept that he was a father.

Andre didn’t accept Robin as her daughter as he has a hormonal disorder called “acromegaly”. Acromegaly could make one unable to have children, so Robin’s birth might be considered something of a miracle. Andre’s big body size was also due to Acromegaly hormonal imbalance state.

Andre The Giant with his Daughter, Robin in Wrestling Costume.

Andre the Giant Relation With His Daughter

The relation between Andre and her Daughter was not so good. Andre spent his entire adult life on the road for his wrestling gigs. Robin says she only saw her father a handful of times when the then-WWF had events in the town.

Andre first saw her daughter when she was an Infant. He then saw her when she was 18 months old. He saw her again when she was 4 years old. He then met her in November 1991 for just 5 minutes. The last time Andre and his Daughter spoke on the phone was during Christmas of 1992.

Robin and her Mother always complained about rough attitude of Andre towards the family. Andre passed away on January 23, 1993, of congestive heart failure. He died in his sleep at a Paris hotel room, shortly after attending his father’s funeral. Robin and her mother found out about his death a month later from his lawyer’s message on their answering machine.

A Rare Picture of Andre The Giant with Her Daughter.

Carrier and Net Worth of Robin 

Andre The Giant was one of the highest-paid wrestlers of his time. He divided his massive estate among three people in his last will. He left a flat sum of money to the caretaker and wife of his Ellerbe, North Carolina ranch. The rest of his earnings and possessions went to his daughter, Robin.

Robin currently resides in Seattle, Washington but travels the country to attend Comic Cons where she represents her father. She also appeared in the recent documentary on her father, Andre The Giant.

Andre’s daughter during the premiere of HBO’s “Andre The Giant”.

WWE continues to evoke Andre’s name for a number of events and pays royalties to Robin for them. She has a say in the licensing of Andre the Giant’s name in any form, such as video games and action figures. She also promoted Brandon M. Easton’s book, Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven. She earns much of her living with these licensing rights and promotions. Her Net Worth is said to be about $ 100,000.

There were rumors that she was joining “WWE Smackdown“. But at a Comic-Con appearance, Robin said that she has a strictly professional relationship with the WWE where they only pay her the royalties and there’s no other contact with them. Though she did make an appearance backstage of WWE in February 2017.

Andre the Giant’s Daughter News Story Early 90’s

Below is the Rare News Story form the Early 90’s about Andre the Giant’s Daughter.

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