Ankona Mukherjee (Superstar Singer) Age, Biography, Family, Wiki & More

Ankona Mukherjee (Superstar Singer) Age, Biography, Family, Wiki & More

Basic Information and Family of Ankona Mukherjee

Real Name Ankona Mukherjee
Born 2005
Hometown Bankura, West Bengal
Favorite Singer Alka Yagnik, Arijit Singh, Shreya Gosal
Genre Melodious Songs
Her Role Model Alka Yagnik
Achievements Contestant of “The Voice Kids India” Season 2, And Selected among Top 16 on Superstar Singer.

Ankona Mukherjee is a melodious Singer from Bankura, West Bengal. Ankona grows up in music culture as her mother and father were found of music. Her mother, Mousumi Mukherjee used to sing at home and Ankona learned singing by listening to her mother. Ankona Mukherjee’s whole family is a big fan of Singer, Alka Yagnik. Ankona has two pets, One Dog (Moti) and One Rabbit (Kuchu) and she treats them as her family.

Ankona with her Beloved, Moti.

Music and Singing Journey of Ankona Mukherjee

As there was Music culture in Ankona Mukherjee’s home, she is singing from the very childhood. Her father also sings songs but she got singing inspiration from her mother, Mousumi Mukherjee. At the age of 6  years, Ankona started learning classical music from her Guru Ji, Rathijit Sir. In 2017 Ankona got selected in “The Voice Kids India” Season -2. She got eliminated from “The Voice Kids India” without reaching the finale. 

Ankona Mukherjee with her Guru Ji, Rohitjit.

In 2019 Ankona gave auditions for “Superstar Singer” on “Sony Entertainment Television”. She sang, Alka Yagnik’s Song “Agar Tum Sath Do” during the Audition and got selected among the top 16. Her sweet voice and beautiful singing have given her the title “Junior Alka Ji” in “Superstar Singer” show.

Ankona Mukherjee Social Media Profiles

Given below are social media profiles of Ankona Mukherjee:

Instagram Click here for Ankona Mukherjee Instagram Profile.
Facebook Click here for Ankona Mukherjee Facebook Page.
Ankona Mukherjee selfie with her Mother and Father.

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  1. madam, i am a great fan of yours. i used to listen to indian idol and the grand finale was great.
    madam, i want to do one favor for elders above 50 yrs to sing a song, of which lyrics is “samjota gamo se karlo.
    but with the same i want you to sing with the another wording .
    so, i want you to send me you link so that i can send you the wordings. you will have to sing like : samjota gamo se karlo.

  2. She was a dancer in her childhood. After that she turned towards singing. She was a good dancer too at that time as now her singing is.


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