9 Best Cricket games on android in 2022

Cricket is one of India’s most popular sports. India’s famous players, such as Sachin Tendulkar, have achieved a position in the sports world by playing cricket in the streets. Cricket is considered one of the best games all over the world. There are many people in India who play cricket because they are passionate about sports. Those who play cricket for fun do not have time to go to the ground and play cricket in today’s busy schedule.

There are many online cricket games available for those people who are unable to play offline cricket due to their busy schedules. Playing cricket online is as enjoyable as playing offline. Today, we will learn about the best cricket games that will provide you with an excellent user experience. I am also a cricket lover and enjoy playing the game, but when I am unable to play offline cricket, I regret my old days. I enjoy a lot playing online cricket games. It also keeps my brain active.

Here’s a list of the best cricket games on android in 2022

  • World cricket championship 2- WCC2
  • Real Cricket 20
  • Real Cricket Premier League
  • World Cricket Championship Lt
  • T20 Cricket Champions 3D
  • World Cricket Championship
  • T20 World Cup Cricket 2022
  • Real Cricket 17
  • Cricket Megastar

9. World Cricket Championship 2

In today’s internet culture, the gaming craze is growing by the day, and everyone wants to see themselves fully immersed in whatever game they are playing, which is only achievable in 3D games. World Cricket Championship 2- WCC2 is specially designed for those who are very interested in cricket. You will get a lot of modifications in this game, and you can easily change anything in your online team. “World Cricket Championship 2” contains features that make it the most dynamic and adaptable game.

Key Features Of World cricket championship 2- WCC2 

  • 1v1 Gameplay Online and Offline via Online Rivals and Local Rivals.
  • There are 150 distinct batting animations and 28 different bowling movements from which to choose.
  • Electric Fielding is available, with amazing dive catches and rapid passes that catch the opponent.
  • There are 18 international teams, 10 local team members, and 42 grounds. 
  • You will get TEST Cricket, Hot Events, and over 11 events such as the World Cup, World T20 Cup, Blitz Tournament, and ODI Series.
  • It’ll provide you with the Challenge A Friend mode that allows you to challenge your friends.
  • Two different batting controls and  batting camera settings (Classic & Pro) 
  • Catching, referee, and toss animations, as well as over 110 additional hitting shots
Game NameWorld cricket championship 2- WCC2
Download Size 398MB
Requires Android4.4 & up
Rating4.3 star
Last updateDecember 30, 2021
Total Downloads50,000,000+
Current version2.9.6
Special elementsUsers Interact, In-Game Purchases

8. Real Cricket 20

Real Cricket 20 is the next fantastic cricket game for your smartphone, offering a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Even if you do not have a high-end Android phone, this game software will be ideal for you because it does not occupy a larger space. So, let us now discuss the essential characteristics of this gaming app that distinguish it from others.

Key Features Of Real Cricket 20

  • Its challenging mode provides you with a chance to participate in the epic battles in cricket history and complete the challenges.
  • You’ll experience the ultimate adventure by playing all of the ODI World Cup and RCPL versions for satisfactory experiences.
  • Real-time multiplayer with different modes such as:
  • 1P versus 1P – Test your skills in the classic 1 versus 1 multiplayer mode with your ranked and unranked teams.
  • 2P versus 2P – Form a team and compete against your friends.
  • CO-OP – Play with a teammate and take on the AI.
  • It’ll provide your preferred time according to you.
  • With the help of the 3D experience of this game, you can experience it by playing cricket in many locations, such as London, India, Wellington, etc.
Game NameReal Cricket 20
Download Size 564MB
Requires Android5.0 & up
Rating4.2 star
Last updateNovember 25, 2021
Total Downloads10,000,000+
Current version4.8
Special elementsUsers Interact, In-Game Purchases

7. Real Cricket Premier League

Real Cricket League is an excellent cricket game application that will provide you with a realistic experience. For the first time, gamers can manage their favorite club and build a new team in a genuine, realistic auction, and experience the world as an owner! Real Cricket Premier League

Key Features Of Real Cricket Premier League

  • Play through historical situations from previous Premier League seasons.
  • Build up and lead your favorite players, complete with up-to-date lineups, to the grand prize.
  • The gameplay is smoother than ever and the experience has 3D motion.
Game NameReal Cricket  Premier League
Download Size 88MB
Requires Android4.1 & up
Rating3.9 star
Last updateMarch 25, 2021
Total Downloads5,000,000+
Current version1.1.4
Special elementsDigital Purchases

6. World Cricket Championship Lt

The most downloaded game on this list is World Cricket Championship Lt. Cricket fans enjoy playing this game because, first and foremost, it is accessible in a very compact design, and secondly, it provides a very nice experience. If you want a fantastic game in a small package, this gaming app will be ideal for you.

Key Features Of World Cricket Championship Lt

  • In this game app, you’ll get the collection of the world’s three most dramatic cricket games:
  • World Championship of Cricket,
  • Premier League of the World
  • The Super Fantasy Cricket League 
  • This game features high-quality graphics that will make you feel as if you are playing in a stadium.
Game NameWorld Cricket Championship Lt
Download Size 50MB
Requires Android4.1 & up
Rating4.2 star
Last update

October 2, 2021

Total Downloads50,000,000+
Current version5.7.3
Special elementsDigital Purchases

5.T20 Cricket Champions 3D

T20 Cricket Champions 3D provides you best world cup matches as you compete in world cup tournaments with your preferred team. It is one of the best games that provides you best 3D experience.

Key Features Of T20 Cricket Champions 3D

  • It’ll provide you with real-world cricket tours in the new live events mode. 
  • You are able to set your own match fate and earn fantastic prizes.
  • Stand on the ground and choose from a wide range of shots to play challenging situations.
  • Exciting Matches Against Popular World Cup Teams.
  • It includes full 3D graphics, authentic movements, batting motion, and ball dynamics.
Game NameT20 Cricket Champions 3D
Download Size 69MB
Requires Android4.4 & up
Rating4.0 star
Last updateNovember 25, 2021
Total Downloads10,000,000+
Current version1.8.354
Special elementsDigital Purchases

4. The World Cricket Championship

The World Cricket Championship is the finest cricket game experience in 60MB of space. This mobile cricket app has been optimized for outdated phones, low Android versions, and smartphones with little space of 512 MB.

Key Features Of World Cricket Championship

  • It is ideal for outdated phone versions.
  • An entertaining, lightweight, full-featured 3D mobile cricket game designed for cricket enthusiasts.
  • This amazing gaming app provides you with different languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and English, etc.
  • It installs quickly and takes up less space on your mobile device.
Game NameWorld Cricket Championship
Download Size 57MB
Requires Android4.4 & up
Rating4.2 star
Last updateJuly 31, 2019
Total Downloads10,000,000+
Current version1.4
Special elementsDigital Purchases

3.T20 World Cup Cricket 2022

T20 World Cup Cricket 2022

This gaming app is built on the basis of 2022’s cricket experience and match. For the wintertime world cricket season, we are introducing a new 3D World Cup t20 cricket championship 2022 game for cricket lovers. T20 World Cup Cricket 2022

Key Features Of T20 World Cup Cricket 2022

  • It will give you the option of participating in a cricket tournament, and you will be able to compete in the World Cup cricket championships in 2022.
  • You are able to choose your country’s T20 World Cup squad to compete in the World Cup event.
  • Perfect graphics are available, including realistic players, umpires, audiences, and cheerleaders, as well as 3D realistic cricket stadiums and the greatest cricket game swiping controls.
Game NameT20 World Cup Cricket 2022
Download Size 70MB
Requires Android4.4 & up
ReviewNo because of the new launch
Rating3.0 star
Last updateDecember 31, 2021
Total Downloads500+
Current version0.0.1
Special elementsNo

2. Real Cricket 17

This is an all-in-one gaming app, and I love to play it. It provides you with impressive features, including playing modes such as Auction mode, all top leagues in the world, the World Cup, and the Asia Cup. When compared to other cricket games, it provides you with good features in a smaller size. Its unique playing style provides you with a pleasant experience.

Key Features Of Real Cricket 17

  • You are able to take command of your favorite franchise and build a team from the ground up.
  • It provides you with updated lineups, classic jerseys, and lunch-tea breaks.
  • For the first time, players can experience historical events through a level-based saga experience.
Game NameReal Cricket 17
Download Size 90MB
Requires Android4.4 & up
Rating4.1 star
Last updateMarch 22, 2021
Total Downloads10,000,000+
Current version2.8.2
Special elementsDigital Purchases

1. Cricket Megastar

Cricket Megastar mesmerizes in the footsteps of a beginner batsman to make it a professional cricket-playing application. If you desire a superb gaming experience in a little package, then a gaming app is ideal for you.

Key Features Of Cricket Megastar

  • This isn’t your typical cricket gaming app. With a single swipe, your device’s screen can hit the ball for a six.
  • You are able to create your own hero, give him a nickname, and expand your gaming experience from local matches to international ones.
  • This is a free cricket gaming app with additional in-app purchases that may be purchased with real money.
Game NameReal Cricket 20
Download Size 96MB
Requires Android5.0 & up
Rating3.9 star
Last updateMay 14, 2020
Total Downloads1,000,000+
Current version1.8.0.139
Special elementsDigital Purchases

What is next?

This wraps the list of the best cricket games on Android 2022. I hope you found this article valuable.  Every game on this list has its own distinct feature. Please comment in the section below and tell us which game on this list loves you most.

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