Brian Dalyrimple Biography

A magnificent R&B singer of ‘Soul for real’ group, Brian Augustus Dalyrimple, is currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Brian Dalyrimple is 46 years old and renowned for his significant contribution to the ‘Soul for real’ group. Brian is known by his nickname ‘Bri.’ Brian Dalyrimple is one of the brothers of Brian brothers.

Brian brothers together used to run a fantastic production group. Brian’s life was not somewhat lap of leisure. He came through beating all his obstacles, Brian also faced pessimist statements for his music by neighbors, but Brian didn’t back up and shined at last.

Brian faced severe accusations of using provoked identities by his frenemies during his journey. However, ‘soul for real’ was strong enough to support Brian and hold itself for some span. After getting out of these accusations, Brian started his cuisine restaurant named ‘Naomi’s Caribbean cuisine’ in Atlanta itself.

Brian Dalyrimple with his Daughters. Source: Instagram

Brian Dalyrimple Childhood

Brian was born on the long island of the United States on 9 December 1975. Brian was fascinated with his love for music since childhood. He got the proficiency of music rhythms and notes at a very young age. Having such an exceptional skill in music shows the passion, Brian. After crossing teenage life, brain formed a band with his brothers in which Brian tarnished his abilities and took his music game at splendid levels. Brian’s education and qualifications are still not clarified. We’ll update in a short span of time.

Dalyrimple’s Family

Brian Dayrimple is in a Relationship and has one son and two daughters.

Brian Dalyrimple with his Son
Brian Dalyrimple with his Woman. Source: Instagram

Dalyrimple’s Singing Career

Brian was involved in singing from a very young age, but he started his singing career in the year 1985, after which he never turned back. Brian’s overworked luck, determination, and dedication towards music were worth admiring. Brain and his group Real for Soul involved four brothers, including him.

Brian was in command with his singing in the group. However, Brian and his brothers got esteemed on the streets of the United States after their several concerts and bangers were coming month by month.

Brian’s group, ‘soul for real,’ got their first breakthrough after their debut album’ Candy rain’ was released. The album’ Candy rain’ was accommodated with top-notch bangers of the decade like ‘Every little thing I do it’ & ‘If you want it’ these masterpieces made the album ‘Candy rain’ platinum sell out.

Brian’s group was one of the very renowned groups during the 1990’s decade, Brian and his brothers have released almost 4 albums to date. After all their success, Brian and his brothers started their own label named ‘Aljoba Music Group’ in the year 2003.

Dalyrimple’s Brothers

Brian Dalyrimple Brothers. Picture Source: Instagram

Before getting a well-known celebrity in town, Brian Dalyrimple was a student involved in music theories. Brian’s interest in music was pleasing for his family, and his family supported him to a great extent. Brian Dalyrimple had four brothers.

Christopher Sherman Dalyrimple, also known as Choc, was the eldest brother and was the first to give ideas and initiate the Soul for a real music group. Andre “Dre” Lamont Dalyrimple, also known as KD, was the second eldest brother among Brian’s brothers.

The only younger brother than brian, Jason Oliver Dalytimple, also known as jase4real was the youngest in the group.

Brian “Bri” Augustus Dalyrimple, ’Brian’ was the third eldest brother in the group. Brian was the one who supported and believed in the idea of Soul for the real group given by his eldest brother Christopher Sherman. Brian took the glory of Soul for real for some time and delivered exceptional bangers for listeners of their group.

Instagram Handle of Brian

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Some Known Facts About Brian

  • Brian and his brothers broke into the Billboard charts, which was a very prosperous and pleasant thing. They find their place in Billboard charts with their debut album ‘Candy rain’ got listing at 23rd position.
  • Brian’s achievements were enough to place him on the most established charts and lists. Brian successfully found his place in the top 100 R&B singers of the decade.
  • Brian’s album got a famous title of ‘US gold-certified.’
  • ‘Wikipedia,’ the most famous encyclopedia on the internet, has also praised Brian and the group.
  • Currently, Brian Dalyrimple’s income source is not specified but his overall wealth is estimated between 1 million to 1.5 million.
  • Okay, so that was all about our today’s star ‘Brian Dalyrimple’.


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