Casio watch authenticity check | Complete Guide

Many new watch brands have entered the market in the twenty-first century, along with the growing era. However, many years ago, several such loaves were invented that are still well-known and in high demand. Some people wish to wear the items of these premium labels when they achieve success in their lives. However, as time passes, many things change as well.

Thousands of such brands have emerged in the market today, emulating premium labels and profiting handsomely by selling them at low costs. As a result of such individuals, who want to buy the original brand also get entangled in the original and fake brands.

But, you don’t have to worry since today “Fashionchandigarh” brought you a method that will allow you to spot the difference between an authentic and a fake watch brand with ease. Today, we’ll show you how to develop a variety of various methods used to determine the Casio watch authenticity.

Without any delay let’s get started!

Here are 9 effective ways to find out Casio watch authenticity

  • Always observe the Logo to check the authenticity
  • Must Check the model number of Casio watch
  • Always buy from the original store
  • Must check the packaging of G Shock watch
  • Check out functions accuracy before buying G-Shock
  • You should Observe the designing & shining Casio watch
  • Examine the annotations in Casio watch’s manual
  • Must check your Casio G-Shock watch’s clasp
  • Observe Color differences

1. Always observe the Logo to check the authenticity

Fake Watches sometimes Pick the Same Design but Different Logo and Look alike Labels.

Whichever brand of watch you are buying, first, look carefully, and then observe the brand logo. Most of the fake founders use the wrong name of the brand or may change the font size. If you read and observe the logo of the brand carefully, you can only check Casio g shock authenticity. Casio ensures that any watch bearing the “Casio” trademark is a genuine Casio product that will work as claimed.

“Casio claimed that make sure the watch has the CASIO logo on the front and back, as well as the full or partial model number.”

2. Must Check the model number of the Casio watch

If you want to purchase an original watch, you must pay close attention to the model number. Different versions of Casio watches have different model numbers, so be sure the watch you’re buying matches the Casio watch model number.

You should double-check that the model numbers on the original Casio watch and the one you want to buy are the same. You’ll have to put in some effort before buying luxury brands, but it’s a crucial step in purchasing an authentic watch brand. The customer has the right to purchase the same product that he desires.

3. Always buy from the original store

Always Buy Watch from Authenticated & Official Casio Store

If you want to pay for the products that you desire, you should always buy them from the original sales or brand outlet. This is applicable whether you are purchasing online or in a store. There will be no question that you will be offered a fake product if you made a purchase from the brand outlet. If you do this, you’ll have a 0.01 percent chance of getting the wrong product. Once you buy a product from an original band, you will see the quality and performance of the product, which can never be faked.

4. Must check the packaging of G Shock watch

Another way to recognize a fake G Shock is to look at the packing. The actual G Shock comes in an aluminum box with a cardboard box, while the fake one arrives in a separate packaging that may or may not match the real G Shock watch. You may not find this to be 100 percent accurate at this moment, but comparing the box of an original watch to the package of a fake watch will give you an indication of what proportion of this is true.

5. Check out functions accuracy before buying G-Shock

G-Shock watch’s operation is highly precise and smart, which the customer appreciates. When you purchase a fake Casio watch by mistake, you will not obtain the same functionality as the original watch. In that case, you will also notice a variation in the colors of the watch, indicating that you have purchased a fake watch. Before purchasing a new watch, you should test it thoroughly to determine whether the brand you are purchasing is genuine or not.

6. You should Observe the designing & shining Casio watch

Casio advises us to double-check the watch’s design. A fake CASIO will also reveal evidence of poor design. Fake watches may have rough edges, discoloration, displacement, or strange-looking writing on the dial, as well as the strap and closure’s quality. You should also check the dial brightness since many fake Casio watches have a much darker face than genuine CASIO watches. Fake vendors can create several replicas of the original product, but they will never be able to duplicate the original.

7. Examine the annotations in Casio watch’s manual

If you buy an authentic Casio watch, you will receive a manual with it. In that handbook, you will find detailed information on the watch’s features and capabilities, as well as for instructions on how to operate the watch properly. And here you will see something that will greatly assist you in distinguishing between an original and a fake watch.

Without further ado, let us get to the part where you will be able to determine the watch’s authenticity. You should check the Casio watch manual, carefully. More than half of the text in the manuals for imitation Casio G-Shock watches is written in Chinese, which is not the case with authentic manuals.

A Casio watch’s authentic check is built into the watch. It operates similarly to a bar code or QR code scanner to determine if the watch is real or a fake, which some merchants may be unintentionally selling. The code on the MRP sticker must match the code on the authentic Casio G-Shock watches, and the code may also be verified on Casio’s website.

8. Must check your Casio G-Shock watch’s clasp

Make Sure Clasp of Watch is Placed on Top

The clasp is a little Casio watch attachment that allows us to wear the watch while also allowing us to tighten or loosen it according to our wrist. On an authentic Casio watch, Casio is placed on the top of the clasp, whereas on fake watches, it is placed on the bottom side. In addition, letters are disorganized on varied surfaces. If you want to buy an original Casio watch, pay attention to the role of clasp and learn how to differentiate between a fake and an authentic watch.

9. Observe Color differences

You’ll notice a lot of color variation in imitation watches since fake merchants prepare a duplicate piece by changing minor details, even if it’s not rated to compete with the original piece. In a fake watch, you will notice a tiny color shift that does not exist in the original Casio watch. Their colors are vibrant and strong, however, Fake Watches will never be able to compete with original in color, quality, and design.

Fake watches can now be found on major retailers such as Flipkart, Amazon Myntra, and more. So, if you want to wear a watch that meets your desire, always get it from an authorized seller since only they can provide you with an original, high-quality watch.


There are a lot of fake Casio watches in the market. Most of these fake watches can easily be recognized by the factors dicussed in the article.

We have mentioned 9 ways to find the authenticity of Casio watches in today’s post, with the assistance of which you can distinguish between an original and a fake watch.

But still, some players in the market leave no clues of a copy. So it is highly recommended to buy a Casio watch from the official source.

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