Fashion in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, a city in the north of India, is a reflection of the diverse cultural heritage and modern trends that have influenced the region. The city is known for its vibrant and chic fashion scene, which combines traditional and contemporary styles to create a unique and eclectic look.

Image Credit: Para Night Club, Chandigarh.

Influence of Punjabi Culture on Chandigarh’s Fashion

When we talk about traditional trends than one of the biggest influences on fashion in Chandigarh is Punjabi culture. Punjabi fashion is characterized by bright colors, bold patterns, and intricate embroidery.

The traditional Punjabi attire for women includes a salwar kameez, which is a long tunic, and pants, paired with a dupatta, and a long scarf. For men, the traditional attire is a turban and a kurta, a long shirt.

Recently it has been seen the trend of saree is also increasing in the city as people other than Punjabi are also settling in and around Chandigarh.

These traditional styles are still popular in Chandigarh, especially during festivals and special occasions, and have been updated with modern cuts and fabrics to create a contemporary look.

Western Fashion Trends in Chandigarh

Along with traditional styles, western fashion trends have also made an impact in Chandigarh. The city is home to many young fashion enthusiasts who are always experimenting with new styles and trends.

This has resulted in a unique blend of Indian and western fashion, with locals often incorporating western elements, such as denim jeans and leather jackets, into their traditional outfits.

Fashion Shopping hub for Punjabi People

Chandigarh is also a hub for fashion-forward shopping, with numerous malls, boutiques, and street markets selling the latest styles and trends. Local designers and boutique owners work hard to bring new and innovative fashion to the city, and they often showcase their latest collections at fashion events and exhibitions.

Punjabi people from rural areas of Punjab and Haryana prefer to shop for their clothes in Chandigarh. In the case of shopping for marriages, Chandigarh’s malls and boutiques are highly preferred by Punjabi people.


In conclusion, fashion in Chandigarh is a fascinating mix of traditional and modern styles that reflect the city’s diverse cultural heritage and its status as a hub of contemporary fashion. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Punjabi attire or prefer a more modern look, you’re sure to find something to suit your style in this vibrant and fashionable city.

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