Fashion in Chandigarh

Image Credit: Para Night Club, Chandigarh.

Fashion in Chandigarh tends to have a more contemporary and forward-thinking approach compared to some neighboring states like Punjab, Haryana and Himachal. Fashion trends in Chandigarh are influenced by celebrities, fashion hubs, and the fashion-conscious nature of its residents. The presence of international brands has also shaped the latest fashion trends in the city.

The city embraces a wide range of fashion choices, from traditional attire like salwar kameez, phulkari, and embroidered sarees to trendy options like jeans, tops, and skirts for women. When it comes to children’s fashion, renowned national and international brands have plenty to offer in Chandigarh.

In the realm of men’s fashion, there is a delightful blend of traditional and contemporary wear. While elderly individuals prefer traditional attire, the city’s younger generation follows the latest fashion trends. During summers, young men often opt for casual outfits like t-shirts and jeans, while girls lean towards skirts, tops, jeans, and frocks.

Chandigarh is home to a variety of shops, markets, and modern shopping malls, housing both traditional and internationally renowned brands of clothing, accessories, shoes, and jewelry. This wide selection allows the residents of Chandigarh to create their own unique fashion statement.

The fashion landscape in Chandigarh is vibrant and diverse, offering something for everyone. The city has evolved into a hub where traditional and contemporary styles seamlessly coexist, catering to the varied preferences of its residents.

Mens Fashion in Chandigarh

When we see men’s fashion in Chandigarh, it is highly influencing Indian youth these days. There are two major reason responsible for the grace and vibrancy of Chandigarh’s fashion. First is the the presence of Punjabi youth in the city and second reason is the elite class men and there status symbol.

The people of Punjab are financially stable and have a passion for both food and fashion. Hence, they don’t care much about the budget and invest wholeheartedly in their fashion choices. They enjoy fashion shows, and in Chandigarh, their fashion statement shines even more brilliantly. They love to showoff and in Chandigarh, their fashion statement shines even more brilliantly.

Form recent years even the Sikh community can be seen in adopting great fashion statement in the city. The stylish Sardars, with their well-groomed beards and turbaned charm, radiate a captivating and fashionable presence.

With time even other young college youth and students in the city that is from Himachal and Haryana are also following the path of Punjabi people. Chandigarh’s young college boys finds expression in the realm of casual streetwear. Bold graphic tees, comfortable joggers, stylish sneakers, and trendy accessories dominate the city’s streets. The emergence of street wear brands has fueled the city’s casual fashion scene.

Men and specially elite class men in Chandigarh are increasingly conscious of grooming and personal care. From well-groomed beards to carefully styled hair, the city’s men take pride in their appearance. Salons and grooming centers have mushroomed across the city, catering to the rising demand for grooming services and men’s beauty products.

Traditional and Western Fashion Trends in Chandigarh

When we talk about traditional trends than one of the biggest influences on fashion in Chandigarh is Punjabi culture. Punjabi fashion is characterized by bright colors, bold patterns, and intricate embroidery.

The traditional Punjabi attire for women includes a salwar kameez, which is a long tunic, and pants, paired with a dupatta, and a long scarf. For men, the traditional attire is a turban and a kurta, a long shirt.

Recently it has been seen the trend of saree is also increasing in the city as people other than Punjabi are also settling in and around Chandigarh.

These traditional styles are still popular in Chandigarh, especially during festivals and special occasions, and have been updated with modern cuts and fabrics to create a contemporary look.

Along with traditional styles, western fashion trends has made a big impact in Chandigarh. The city is home to many young fashion enthusiasts who are always experimenting with new styles and trends.

This has resulted in a unique blend of Indian and western fashion, with locals often incorporating western elements, such as denim jeans and leather jackets, into their traditional outfits.

Chandigarh is also a hub for fashion-forward shopping, with numerous malls, boutiques, and street markets selling the latest styles and trends. Local designers and boutique owners work hard to bring new and innovative fashion to the city, and they often showcase their latest collections at fashion events and exhibitions.

Punjabi people from rural areas of Punjab and Haryana prefer to shop for their clothes in Chandigarh. In the case of shopping for marriages, Chandigarh’s malls and boutiques are highly preferred by Punjabi people.

Fashion Markets in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, known for its modern infrastructure and vibrant lifestyle, is a city that has embraced fashion with open arms. From high-end designer boutiques to bustling marketplaces, Chandigarh offers a diverse range of fashion stores that cater to all tastes and budgets. Whether you’re looking for traditional ethnic wear, trendy Western outfits, or unique accessories, the city has something to offer for everyone. Here’s a glimpse into the fashion scene and some popular fashion stores in Chandigarh.

Elante Mall:

Situated in the heart of the city, Elante Mall is a shopaholic’s paradise. It houses a multitude of fashion stores, both national and international brands, offering a wide selection of clothing, footwear, and accessories. From Zara and H&M to Forever 21 and Marks & Spencer, Elante Mall has something for fashion enthusiasts of all ages.

Sector 17 Market:

Considered the shopping hub of Chandigarh, Sector 17 Market is a bustling commercial area that is home to numerous fashion stores. Here, you’ll find a mix of branded outlets, local boutiques, and traditional clothing stores. From ethnic wear to modern apparel, Sector 17 Market caters to different fashion preferences. If you have good budget and want premium quality then must visit this market.

Shastri Market:

Shastri Market, located in Sector 22, is a popular destination for fashion-conscious shoppers. It is known for its collection of trendy clothing, footwear, and accessories at affordable prices. The market is a favorite among college students and young adults looking for stylish yet budget-friendly options.

Palika Bazaar:

Palika Bazaar, situated in Sector 19, is a bustling market that offers a wide range of fashion choices. It is particularly famous for its collection of every type of fashion from traditional to daily wears. However this market is mostly preferred by lower middle class people because of low rates and cheaper quality.

Boutique Stores:

Chandigarh is also home to numerous boutique stores that showcase the craftsmanship and creativity of local designers. These stores offer unique and customized fashion pieces, ranging from traditional wear to contemporary designs. Many boutique stores are located in upscale areas such as Sector 8 and Sector 9, attracting fashion enthusiasts who appreciate exclusive and personalized fashion experiences.

These are just a few examples of the fashion markets in Chandigarh. The city’s fashion scene continues to evolve and expand, with new stores and fashion outlets constantly emerging. Whether you prefer high-end luxury brands or budget-friendly fashion, Chandigarh offers a plethora of options to fulfill your fashion needs. So, next time you visit the city, don’t forget to explore its vibrant fashion stores and indulge in a memorable shopping experience.

International Brands in Chandigarh

With a large number of international brands setting up shop in this bustling city, fashion enthusiasts in Chandigarh are spoilt for choice. From the trendy and popular Elante Mall in Industrial Area Phase 1 to other vibrant shopping areas, Chandigarh offers a delightful mix of international fashion brands that cater to diverse tastes and styles. Certainly! Here are a few international brands that have their presence in Chandigarh along with the sectors where they can be found:

  1. Zara – Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1)
  2. H&M – Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1)
  3. Marks & Spencer – Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1)
  4. Forever 21 – Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1)
  5. Sephora – Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1)
  6. Tommy Hilfiger – Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1)
  7. Calvin Klein – Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1)
  8. Mango – Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1)
  9. Aldo – Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1)
  10. Steve Madden – Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1)
  11. Vero Moda – Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1)
  12. Jack & Jones – Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1)
  13. Levis – Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1)
  14. Adidas – Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1)
  15. Nike – Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1)
  16. Puma – Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1)
  17. The Body Shop – Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1)
  18. Swarovski – Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1)

Please note that the availability of specific brands and their locations may be subject to change, so it’s always a good idea to check with the mall or visit their official websites for the most up-to-date information.

Fashion Stores to Buy Traditional Party Wear in Chandigarh

Here are a few fashion stores in Chandigarh that specialize in traditional attire:

  1. Sham Fashion Mall: Sham Fashion Mall is a traditional fashion store in Sector 34 of Chandigarh, known for a spectacular array of dazzling wedding lehangas, exclusive designer sarees & suits, party and formal wear for women and men.
  2. Kapsons: Kapsons is a well-known fashion store in Sector 17 Chandigarh that offers a wide range of traditional Indian wear for men, women, and kids. They have a collection of ethnic outfits such as sarees, salwar kameez, lehengas, and sherwanis.
  3. Biba: Biba is a popular brand that specializes in women’s ethnic wear. They offer a variety of traditional clothing options like kurtas, kurtis, salwar suits, and dupattas, combining contemporary designs with a touch of Indian aesthetics. Biba store is available at two location in the city, Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1) and Sector 17.
  4. Manyavar: Manyavar is a renowned brand for men’s ethnic wear. They offer a splendid collection of sherwanis, kurta sets, and accessories for special occasions like weddings and festivities. Manyavar store is available at two location in the city, Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1) and Sector 17.
  5. Frontier Raas: Frontier Raas is a well-established fashion store in Chandigarh that showcases a beautiful selection of traditional Indian attire. From stunning sarees to intricately designed lehengas and anarkalis, they offer a range of options for women. Frontier Raas store is in Sector 17.
  6. Ritu Kumar: Ritu Kumar is a celebrated fashion designer known for her exquisite creations in Indian ethnic wear. Her store in Chandigarh offers a blend of contemporary and traditional designs, featuring sarees, lehengas, salwar suits, and fusion outfits. Ritu Kumar store is in Sector 8-C and Elante Mall (Industrial Area Phase 1).
  7. Khadi Bhavan: Khadi Bhavan is a government-run store that promotes the use of khadi fabric and traditional Indian textiles. They offer a variety of khadi garments, including sarees, kurtas, and stoles, known for their eco-friendly and sustainable appeal. Khadi Bhavan is in Sector 17.

These are just a few examples of fashion stores in Chandigarh that specialize in traditional attire. Exploring these stores will give you a glimpse into the rich and vibrant world of Indian ethnic fashion.

Fashion Shows in Chandigarh

Fashion shows in Chandigarh have gained significant popularity and have become an integral part of the city’s fashion calendar. These shows provide a platform for local designers, emerging talents, and established brands to showcase their collections and set new trends.

However fashion shows, have been impacted badly by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has had a significant effect on the event industry in Chandigarh, leading to cancellations, postponements, or modifications of various events, including fashion shows. But slowly these fashion shows are reviving again in the city.  Here’s an overview of fashion shows in Chandigarh:

  1. Chandigarh Fashion Week: Chandigarh Fashion Week is one of the most prominent fashion events in the city. It brings together renowned designers, models, fashion enthusiasts, and industry professionals to celebrate fashion and style. The event showcases a diverse range of collections, from traditional to contemporary, and highlights the talent and creativity of designers from Chandigarh and across India.
  2. Fashionista: Fashionista is a popular fashion show organized in Chandigarh that showcases the latest trends in clothing, accessories, and jewelry. It attracts both established and emerging designers who present their innovative designs on the runway. The event also features performances, live music, and interactive sessions, creating a vibrant atmosphere for fashion lovers.
  3. Style Icon Awards: Style Icon Awards is a prestigious event in Chandigarh that recognizes and honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the fashion and style industry. The show combines fashion presentations with award ceremonies, bringing together fashion influencers, celebrities, and industry leaders under one roof.
  4. College Fashion Shows: Several colleges and universities in Chandigarh organize their own fashion shows as part of cultural and fashion events. These shows provide a platform for young and talented fashion enthusiasts to showcase their creativity and design skills. College fashion shows often have themes and categories, allowing students to experiment with innovative concepts and styles.
  5. Designer Showcases: Many renowned designers from Chandigarh and other parts of the country organize exclusive showcases and trunk shows in the city. These events give fashion enthusiasts and buyers the opportunity to view and purchase the latest collections directly from the designers. It also allows designers to interact with their target audience and gain valuable feedback. In 2013 the 9th edition of Seagram’s Blenders Pride Fashion Tour was commenced in Chandigarh. This tour includes renowned names of fashion industry including Neeta Lulla, Tarun Tahiliani, Shane Peacock, Neeta Lulla and others.

Fashion shows in Chandigarh serve as a platform for creativity, talent, and innovation. They provide an avenue for designers to gain exposure, establish their brands, and connect with potential buyers and customers. Additionally, these shows contribute to the growth and development of the local fashion industry, inspiring aspiring designers and fashion professionals in Chandigarh.

Fashion Icons of Chandigarh

While Chandigarh is not known as a major hub for fashion designers, there have been talented designers who have emerged from the city and made their mark in the industry. Here are a few notable designers associated with Chandigarh:

  1. Dinesh Mohan: Dinesh Mohan, a native of Chandigarh, is an inspiring figure in the fashion industry who defied age norms and embraced a modeling career during his retirement years. With his striking looks and undeniable charm, Dinesh Mohan made a remarkable entry into the world of fashion as a mature model. Breaking stereotypes and challenging conventional notions of beauty and age, he became an influential figure, proving that style and confidence have no expiration date.
  2. Rina Dhaka: Rina Dhaka is a renowned fashion designer who hails from Chandigarh. She is known for her exquisite designs that blend traditional Indian aesthetics with contemporary styles. Rina Dhaka has showcased her collections at various international fashion events and has dressed several Bollywood celebrities.
  3. Manish Arora: Although Manish Arora was born in Mumbai, he spent a significant part of his childhood in Chandigarh. He is known for his vibrant and eccentric designs that combine Indian influences with a global appeal. Manish Arora has showcased his collections at prestigious fashion weeks around the world and has collaborated with several international brands.
  4. Nivedita Saboo: Nivedita Saboo is a Chandigarh-based fashion designer who has gained recognition for her elegant and luxurious creations. She specializes in bridal wear and has dressed celebrities and high-profile clients. Nivedita Saboo has also showcased her collections at prominent fashion events in India.
  5. Anju Modi: Anju Modi, although not originally from Chandigarh, has established a strong presence in the fashion industry. She has a design studio in Chandigarh and is known for her intricate work and attention to detail. Anju Modi has designed costumes for Bollywood films, including the critically acclaimed movie “Bajirao Mastani.”
  6. Surily Goel: Surily Goel is a fashion designer who was born in Chandigarh. She is known for her chic and contemporary designs that exude elegance and sophistication. Surily Goel has dressed several Bollywood celebrities and has showcased her collections at prestigious fashion events.
  7. Leena Singh: Leena Singh, the co-founder of the label Ashima-Leena, was born and raised in Chandigarh. She specializes in creating exquisite ethnic and fusion wear, incorporating intricate embroidery and traditional craftsmanship into her designs. Leena Singh has received accolades for her contribution to the Indian fashion industry.
  8. Rimple Narula: Rimple Narula, born and brought up in Chandigarh, is a fashion designer known for her expertise in reviving and showcasing traditional Indian craftsmanship. She has designed costumes for movies and has been recognized for her intricate handiwork and attention to detail.

These personalities have achieved success and acclaim in the fashion industry, representing the talent and creativity that Chandigarh has contributed to the fashion world. Their work reflects a fusion of traditional Indian aesthetics with modern sensibilities, making them stand out in the ever-evolving fashion landscape.

Fashion Education and Institutes in Chandigarh

With an increasing demand for skilled professionals in the field, fashion education and institutes in Chandigarh have emerged as significant platforms for nurturing creative talent and shaping the future of the industry.

Chandigarh, being a cosmopolitan city, attracts a diverse pool of students specially from Punjab, Himachal and Haryana who are passionate about fashion and design. It offers a range of fashion courses and institutes that cater to different aspects of the industry, including fashion design, textile design, fashion marketing, and merchandising. These institutions provide a comprehensive curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with practical training, ensuring that students are well-prepared to enter the competitive world of fashion.

One of the most renowned fashion institutes in Chandigarh is the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). With its cutting-edge infrastructure and experienced faculty, NIFT Chandigarh offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fashion and design. The institute focuses on developing technical skills, fostering creativity, and promoting innovation among its students. NIFT Chandigarh also conducts various workshops, seminars, and industry interactions to provide students with exposure to the latest trends and practices in the fashion world.

Apart from NIFT, Chandigarh also boasts several private fashion institutes that have made their mark in the industry. Institutes like the International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD), JD Institute of Fashion Technology, and the Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology (NIIFT) are recognized for their commitment to quality education and industry-oriented approach. These institutes offer a wide range of programs, including diploma courses, bachelor’s degrees, and short-term certification courses, allowing students to choose the path that aligns with their interests and aspirations.

Fashion education in Chandigarh goes beyond classroom learning. Many institutes have tie-ups with renowned fashion houses and brands, providing students with internships and industry exposure. These opportunities enable students to gain practical experience, understand the intricacies of the fashion business, and develop a professional network. The city’s proximity to Delhi, a fashion hub in India, further enhances the prospects for internships and job placements for fashion students in Chandigarh.

Moreover, Chandigarh hosts various fashion events, exhibitions, and fashion weeks that serve as platforms for students to showcase their talent and creativity. These events not only provide exposure but also foster a sense of competition and inspire students to push their boundaries and explore new horizons.

Fashion education institutes in Chandigarh not only focus on technical skills but also emphasize the importance of sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry. With growing awareness about the environmental impact of fashion, institutes are incorporating modules on sustainable design, eco-friendly production techniques, and responsible consumption. This holistic approach equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to create fashion that is not only visually appealing but also environmentally conscious.


In conclusion, fashion in Chandigarh is a fascinating mix of traditional and modern styles that reflect the city’s diverse cultural heritage and its status as a hub of contemporary fashion. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Punjabi attire or prefer a more modern look, you’re sure to find something to suit your style in this vibrant and fashionable city.

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