Fashion Trends That Are Phasing Out of Style

Trends come and go like a warm cup of tea turned cold. They come in hot but only stay that way for a brief time. Sometimes, they can go for another round as a hot commodity, and then the cycle continues.

Fashion relies heavily on trends to dictate its markets. They gain influence from various factors, like social media, shows, and celebrities. Style trends sometimes even derive from other trending topics. However, the erratic instability of trends means styles constantly switch and fade out, forcing people to frequently update their wardrobes. As 2023 approaches, style trends are quickly shifting as new ones enter and outshine the hits of 2022. Avoid being stuck in last year’s fashion capsule and discover what three favorite trends are phasing out and their replacements.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans came into the limelight in the early 2000s, replacing the ‘90s baggy bottom era. They provided more tapered fittings and a smarter appearance. Now, a vicennial later, its predecessors return to reclaim their spotlight.

Hits from the past are making waves in many industries. Record discs and players return to the music and tech industry. Old English cottages take back the housing market, and knitting no longer exists as an old-time hobby. In the fashion world, vintage styles rule 2022 and 2023 trends. Baggy bottoms and wide-legged jeans joined in on the Y2K and ‘90s trip to the 2020s, kicking skinny jeans to the curb.

High-Waisted Bottoms

High-waisted bottoms create snatched figures and provide full support. Their reign introduced numerous variations, from pants, shorts, and skirts, to bikini bottoms and the ever-so-popular high-waisted leggings. However, with all that they provide, is the high-waisted trend here to stay? To many people’s dismay, this popular trend is slowly phasing out—although still holding on strong—as its competitors take more charge.

Cold Shoulder Tops

Cold shoulder tops created a peek-a-boo effect. Unlike tube tanks or off-the-shoulder shirts, cold shoulder tops only expose the tip of the shoulder. They cover everything else, from the collarbone area to the arms. Just the shoulder blade juts out.

This trend came in waves over the years, starting in the 1930s until a sudden surge happened in the summer of 2022. Now, as the summer heat is cooling off, the cold shoulder tops are phasing out of style once again.

Fashion trends constantly fluctuate, changing within a blink of an eye. Since the 2020s began and social media’s hold on trends grew, trends have come and gone faster than ever before. Some of the most popular style trends throughout the years—skinny jeans, high-waisted bottoms, and cold shoulder tops—are phasing out. As they leave, new trends or returns take their place, once again shifting fashion for the upcoming year.

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