9 Stunning Pictures of Gabi Demartino Without Makeup

Gabi Demartino is a well-known Influencer who regularly posts her Videos and Photos regarding makeup and personal life on social platforms.

Gabi and her twin sister were born on 5 May 1995. Gabi and her sister are both famous on the internet and she has millions of subscribers on youtube and Instagram. Gabi is so fascinated and always active on social platforms for her fans.

Gabi collects glimpses of her daily life and brings them to the table for her fans. She is beautiful, sexy, and very charming.

Gabi Demartino is best known for her Makeup and is rarely seen without makeup. In this article, we brought to you beautiful pictures of Gabi without makeup.

Here we guarantee you that most of the pictures no makeup pictures of Gabi Demartino are going to stun her fans.

Gabi Demartino Pictures Without Makeup

Whenever Gabi makes a vlog before taking bath and concludes her exercises, jogging, playing videos, she looks so much in nature without makeup.

If you are a Vlogger or you like vlogging videos or you are the one who stans Gabi then you absolutely gonna love this blog on Vlogger Gabi Demartino. So let’s dig deeper into it.

1 Beautiful Sweet Smile

Credit: Google Images

This is the picture where Gabi Demartino shares about her eye lift surgeries. She is looking so glorious here without makeup.

2 White Hair Gabi Without Makeup Photo

Credit: Google Images

In this picture, Gabi Demartino is talking about her struggles when she had an eating disorder. She looks so cute and innocent without makeup in this image.

3 Flawless Face of Gabi Demartino Without Makeup

Credit: Google Images

Here Gabi is looking so natural and glowing. But at the same time, she was emotional that time and talking to her fans. Even though she does not wear makeup this time but you can see she looks so pretty.

4 Hot Gabi Demartino Without Makeup in Bikini

Credit: Instagram@gabi

Gabi is just killing her fans even without any makeup in this beautiful bikini. The picture is taken on the Beach with a beautiful background of an island.

5  Moisturized Face Without Makeup


In this picture, Gabi was doing a sponsorship for the ad. Her skin is glowing as she has applied some Moisturizer in this Picture but used no makeup. Blonde hair suits her so well.

6  Beauty with Imperfection

Credit: Youtube Shot

Gabi was talking about ‘Perfection’ here. She is looking so bare in the picture. Gabi’s cheeks looks so pink in this picture. Even though some pimple-like spots can be seen but she is looking stunning even with those spots.

7  No need of Make-up in front of Loved Ones

Credit: Instagram@Gabi

When one is with loved ones or friends, there is no need to show off. A click of Gabi Demartino at home with her sister and friends. Here is she is wearing no makeup, still she is looking adorable.

8 Stunning Gabi Demartino in Bikini

Credit: Google Images

Gabi looks so stunning in a bikini dress without makeup. Believe it or not but Gabi has wonderful eyes even if she won’t wear eyelashes.

9 Gabi Demartino With and Without Makeup


Here we post one no-makeup picture of Gabi along with a heavy makeup picture. You can clearly observe how much more beautiful she looks even without using any face makeup.

Get Ready with Gabi Demartino | Complete Makeup Guide

Some Interesting Facts About The Gabi Demartino

  • Gabi is obsessed with the smell and taste of cupcakes.
  • Gabi and her sister faced sexual harassment when they were just 4 years old.
  • Gabi loves pink color and makeup of course.
  • Gabi had a wish to swim in a mermaid suit.
  • Gabi is a very emotional and sensitive person.
  • Gabi’s nickname is Venessa.
  • Gabi also loves every kind of sport.

Gabi is truly a warrior who goes through very tough times but still doesn’t give up and now she has her own world. She looks gorgeous with or without makeup. So we got all the best pictures of her in non-wearing makeup. If you like our blog then do let us know in the comments which look of Gabi you love the most.

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Many of us are curious to know how our favorite celebrity looks without makeup, in a natural look. This article gives you a glimpse into the beautiful picture of Gabi Demartino without makeup. We hope you loved the picture collection, and let us know if you did.

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