9 Hairy Armpit Models Who Don’t Shame of Armpit Hair

Embracing armpit hair is a new thing at the moment. From celebrities to OnlyFans models – women are choosing to let their natural fuzz grow out.

Most of these models claim that they promote the  “Body Positivity” Movement. These females grab the attention of men with armpit fetishes.

By grabbing the attention of such men these women get subscribers on their paid accounts and thus it helps them earn their living.

In this article, you will get to know about 9 such hairy armpit models who don’t hesitate to flash armpit hair on their social profiles. Some of these girls are body art models and even artists.

If you are making any ad film or photoshoot which needs girls with hairy armpits then you can contact any one of these models.

Aragne Spicy

Image Credit: Aragne Spicy’s Instagram
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Argne Spicy is Body Positive model from Barcelona, Spain. She publishes online content and photos for her living.

Kristie Abi Najem

Image Credit: Kristie Abi Najem’s Instagram
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Kristie Najem is an Arab girl from Lebanon. Kristie loves life modeling, theatre, singing, gymnastics, photography, videography, and acting.

She learned Hip hop and more dance styles at different dance schools in Lebanon like Caracalla & The Private Club. Later she moved to Canada where she studied Public Nudity at the University of Toronto. Read more about Kristie.

Scarlet Blosom

Image Credit: Scarlet Blosom
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Scarlet Blosom is a single mother, artist, volunteer, doula, and model. On her blog she writes “Having exposed body hair in public was a mental challenge to over come to feel comfortable wearing what I want. It took time to accept and allow for others curiosity and discomfort.”

Scarlet had been underemployed relying on social assistance, and short-term disability for about 5 years after she separated from her husband. She is now fully self-employed with sustainable sources of revenue through her various work as an artist. Read her full struggle story here.

Fenella Fox

Image Credit: Fenella Fox’s Instagram
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Fenella Fox is one of the most popular models among hairy armpit models. Fenella is a British Model and is also quite active on youtube. She was born in 1994 and is 29 years old as of 2023. Read more about Fenella Fox.

Pearl Sage

Pearl Sage
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Besides body-positive modeling, Pearl Sage is also an ASMR artist. You can listen to her ASMR work on her youtube channel.


Image Credit: Rin’s Instagram
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Rin is a Body hair, positivity model. She is currently active on multiple social profiles.

Evylyn Piper

Image Credit: Evylyn Piper’s Instagram
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Evylyn aka Evie is a red hair “Unapologetic Deviant” model. She publishes online content and photos for her living.

Ileana Devillishgoddess

Image Credit: Devillishgoddess Instagram
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Holly Beth

Image Credit: Holly Beth’s Instagram
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Body hair positivity is a movement that encourages individuals to embrace and accept their body hair, rather than feeling pressure to remove it. This movement encourages people of all genders to reject societal standards of beauty that dictate that body hair is unnatural or unappealing.

The models featured in this Article promote Body hair positivity by keeping armpits natural and hairy. These ladies believe that people of different cultures, backgrounds, and genders have diverse views on body hair and that everyone should have the freedom to make choices about their own bodies without societal judgment.

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