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Personal Information of Chelsea & Myla

Duo Name Hello Sunday
Members Myla Finks and Chelsea Grover
Chelsea’s Birth 2005
Myla’s Birth 2005
Hometown Atlanta, Georgia
Residence Atlanta, Georgia

“Hello Sunday” is a Singers Duo (Myla Finks and Chelsea Grover) from Atlanta, Georgia. Myla is really good with her highs notes and powerful voice whereas Chelsea is really good with tone and the softness in singing. Myla is a few months older than Chelsea. Chelsea a Type 1 diabetic and she was diagnosed at three and struggled with it ever since. She has to take her blood sugar and inject insulin 5 to 6 times a day. Even though this condition is hard, She just wants to encourage T1D and others who struggle in their life.

From Left to Right, Myla Finks & Chelse Grover

Singing Journey & Formation of Hello Sunday

Chelsea and Myla both grew up singing in school showcases. Chelsea and Myla actually met each other in 2017, though they sound like they’ve been singing together their whole lives. They met at a performing arts camp in Atlanta, Georgia and were paired together as the youngsters of the group. After hearing how well their voices blended, they decided to officially become a duo. They attended an artist development camp to sharpen their skills, and after posting some music videos online, they started getting requests to sing at local events.

In 2019 Hello Sunday Duo gave the blind audition for “The Voice American Season 17” to give their music career a boom. During Audition, they just rocked the stage and succeed in turning the chair of Kelly and got placed in Team Kelly. They are the youngest duo in the history of the show and there are only six solo Voice contestants who were their same age or younger when they competed.

Hello Sunday Duo Chelsea Myla Performing at The Voice Season 17.

Hello Sunday Social Media Profiles

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