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Holden Fletcher Fraser is the son of the famous Canadian-American actor Brendan Fraser. Holden Fletcher Fraser’s parents were Afton Smith and Brendan Fraser. Holden’s mother is an American actress who has become very famous after playing her role in the film “George of the Jungle”.

Holden’s mother and father are performers who have gained fame in the film industry. 

In today’s article, we will explore a US-based star kid who has had an acting profession since birth. It’s hard to say right now whether Holden would like to be a movie star like his parents or choose a different profession. Because of his parental fame, people are highly curious to know more about Star Kid Holden Fletcher Fraser.

In this article, you will learn about Holden Fletcher Fraser Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Wife, Wiki, Family, Bio, and more interesting data.

Holden Fletcher Fraser |Bio|Age|

Holden Fletcher (Second from Left) with Family in 2018

Holden Fletcher Fraser is a US-based star kid and was born on August 16, 2004. Holden Fraser is a student at a prestigious institution in his hometown. He has two brothers named Griffin Arthur Fraser and Leland Francis Fraser. His mother is a famous actress, and she is known for her role in the “George of the Jungle” movie.

His father, Brendan James Fraser, is a recognized Canadian-American actor. He debuted as Rick O’Connell in The Mummy trilogy (1999–2008). He also appears in a variety of comedy and fantasy films, including Airheads, Dudley Do-Right, Monkeybone, Inkheart, and Furry Vengeance, among others.

Full Name Holden Fletcher Frase
Nick Name Holden 
Profession N/a
Famous For Parents
Birthday August 16, 2004
Birth Place United States
Age  18 Years Old (As in 2022)
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Father Brendan Fraser
Mother Afton Smith
Siblings Griffin Arthur, Fraser and Leland Francis Fraser
Net Worth $20 million
Affairs No

Holden Fletcher Fraser’s Parents | Life Story

From Left to Right Holden Fletcher, Afton Smith, Griffin Arthur, Brendan Fraser, and Leland Francis (2021 Pic)

In 1997, Holden Fletcher Fraser’s parents met on a reality show known as Reality Bites. After that, they had a lot of interaction and began to fall in love with each other. Then their romance lasted for a long time, and they both agreed to get married as soon as possible. Then, in October 1997, they both got engaged. In 1998, both loving couples got married and lived their happily married lives. After some time, these lovely spouses gave birth to three children named 

Holden Fletcher Fraser, Griffin Arthur Fraser, and Leland Francis Fraser, All three children are incredibly handsome and resemble their parents. At first, Holden’s parents lived a happy married life, but after some time, a quarrel broke their relationship. They tried to maintain their relationship for a long time, but the gap between them grew day by day. At the end of 2008, both got divorced and lived separately.

After this, the court decided that Brendan James Fraser would pay them $9,00,000 a year to take care of the children. Brendan James made a request to the judge, and the court reached an agreement for $50,000 per month with an additional $300,000 per year.

Left to Right Holden Fletcher, Brendan Fraser, Afton Smith and Griffin Arthur

Holden Fletcher’s Career as an Actor

When it comes to Holden Fletcher’s career, he may have started his journey as an actor. But it is up to Holden; if he wants to be an actor like his parents, he has a good opportunity to be successful. Holden is the son of a talented and deserving couple, and he has the potential to follow in his parents’ footsteps if he wants to be a successful personality in Hollywood.

Holden Fletcher Frase Networth

Holden Fletcher Frase is not yet involved in any activity such as acting or any other. However, if we talk about his net worth, now Holden’s net worth is $20 million.

Holden Fletcher Fraser Social Handles

Holden is not so much active on social accounts. Even his Instagram profile is private.

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Holden Fletcher Fraser Facebook Not Known

Interesting Facts About Holden Fletcher Frase

  • After the divorce of his parents, his father paid $900,000 for the support of Holden and his siblings.
  • His relationship with his parents lasted only 11 years. Later, they got divorced.
  • His mother and father are both famous American celebrities.
  • Holden Fletcher Frase’s net worth is $20 million.
  • Holden Fletcher Frase is a 17-year-old American star kid.


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