How to wear a watch: Women’s fashion

During the early ages, watches were used by men only as pocket watches and also believed to be an “accessory of men”. But today, a lot has changed, so does the significance of using it and having it.

Watches on women add beauty to their look and intensify their appearances and most importantly add more value to their accessories. To feel good and look good, let’s look at the rules of wearing watches.

It was fashionable for men to wear pocket watches, at that time timepieces were invented as pocket watches; we all know this, but surprise! That’s not the case for wristwatches. Wristwatches were originally created for women.

Elizabeth was the first lady to wear a wristwatch, which was given to her by Robert Dudley, her lover. It was only later when Men began to wear wristwatches much later in history, at the beginning of World War I.

Even after over a century of wristwatches in fashion, many of the women out there still have doubts like: How should women wear their watches? and lots of other doubts.

I researched and found five major issues women questions about wearing a wristwatch. Let’s start and get a solution to these major questions.

On which hand should you wear your watch?

You should wear it in your left hand. But Wait. Wait. Wait. This is what has always been suggested to everyone and the same norm has been with us ever since we remember. Also sometimes it is recommended that girls should wear the watch in their right hands and boys should wear the watch in their left hand. But is this true? The answer to this one is, NO.

There’s no such rule. The reason behind wearing it on the left hand is that most people use their right hand to perform their daily chores as it is their dominant hand. But if you are left-handed, wear your watch in your right hand and vice-versa irrespective of your gender. Just make sure to not wear it on your dominating hand.

But Why?

Because if you wear it in your dominating hand then it will create a problem for you and your watch. The chances of getting it damaged while performing your activities, your watch might get hit with something. So to avoid the incident of watching your favorite watch damaged and broken into pieces, you have to follow the rule. Also, it becomes easy to set time on the watch as you can use your dominant hand easily or while working you won’t have to interfere yourself while watching the time.

Should women wear their watch tight or loose or whatever they prefer?

Neither Too Tight Nor Too Loose. Image Credit Pixabay

Considering the comfort of the person in view, it is recommended to neither wear your watch too tight, as it creates a problem in the blood circulation nor too loose that it keeps sliding and moving up and down or keeps gravitating all the time here and there. So strap your watch just perfectly so that it remains fixed on the wrists. But when it comes to fashion, rules become restricted.

Therefore one can wear it the way they like it. If someone feels comfortable and stylish, keep it a bit loose or close to tight to make it more fixed than the supposed recommendation that they are free to make such changes. So next time this question strikes you how you are supposed to wear it then recall this ” rule” or simply follow your preferences.

Shall I wear my watch above or below the wrist bone?

This question is actually more important than it might appear. Now that we know, how tight or loose we should keep our watch, let’s also see, Where shall one place the wristwatch on? Above, below or on the wrist bone.

To wear the watch comfortably, wear it just above the wrist bone. It is generally recommended as the wrist bone keeps the watch fixed on the hand. It works like a speed breaker for the wristwatch.

It is also suggested to not wear the watch below the wrist bone as it restricts the wrist movement and can become uncomfortable and uneasy to carry it on for a longer time. Now moving ahead from “the guidelines of wearing a watch” one has to give preference to their own choices. As for some people, things are the other way around often.

Sometimes, neither the wrist bone is visible to many nor do they feel it because of muscles on the wrist and many feel that putting the watch just above the wrist bone is more uncomfortable than wearing it below the wrist bone or on the wrist bone. The way you carry your watch makes the whole difference and the dress you are going to club it with. For example, If you have a huge dive watch with crown guards, wearing it below the wrist bone will be impossible, but if you have a compact dress watch, wearing it below the wrist bone may be feasible while still allowing you to move your wrist freely.

Size of the watch

The size of the watch makes the difference as well. Too big or too small sizes can ruin your look. The clod of your wristwatch should not be visible on the other side of your wrist. If it happens, it means they are too big. To select the best size for yourself, go with the watch that is perfectly proportionate to the size of your wrist. You can also opt for the watch that is appropriate for your dress.

Should I wear my watch upside down?

Wearing watches upside down is often deemed as unusual as the majority of women prefer to wear them in the “normal way” but wearing them upside down also reflects a few things and you can wear it in that way. This to many women may look like a dubious practice and to others may appear an intriguing practice. Whichever practice it is for you, you can decide and with this, we have no rules this time to be recommended. Ladies often wear their watches upside down either out of habitual or preferences. 

There are individualistic differences among people. This “unusual” act can be a way of expression to many women which reflects their personality and style. 

We all want to keep our watches from becoming damaged, snagged on anything, and so on. In such instance, wearing an upside-down watch fulfills everyone’s desire, and the watch lasts a long time. In this manner, you reduce the likelihood of damage. Unlike the majority of women, some find that wearing a watch upside down makes it simpler to read the time. Furthermore, it is sometimes required by the job, as it is simpler for physicians and nurses to check the time when examining the pulses of patients. Some of these reasons necessitate wearing your watch upside down.

Do you wear a bracelet above or below a watch?

Try to Wear a lightweight Bracelet along with Watch. Image Credit: Pixabay

There’s no limit to fashion, if you like watches and bracelets equally then you don’t have to compromise on either of the accessories. You can wear both together and show off your unique and creative self to everyone around. But the question that here arises is would it look good together? Or shall we wear a bracelet above or below a watch?

The creative way to wear both at the same time without any possibility of causing any dent on your outlook and making your look “wrong” you can wear both on different hands. Wearing it in the opposite direction would balance and complement the weight and accessories.

This trick is the easiest and safest option to try out but as we just said there’s no limit to fashion then let’s get both together instead of opposite directions. Place the bottom part of the watch on the non-dominating wrist and add your favorite bracelet (the preferably thin one as shown in the image above) on the same wrist.

But make sure to complement and keep them proportionate with each other. Now moving on to the next question. Where shall you place your watch above or below the bracelet that shall depend on the type and size of the bracelet and watch you are going to put together. You can keep the watch above the bracelet to use it as a “stopper” to your watch and vice versa. So it feels perfect and comfortable to carry.

Final thought

This was all about women and their watches. Add glamour to your look and keep yourself stylish with the smart and beautiful timepiece that matches your style. Wear it to parties, casual, or in professional gatherings while keeping the rules into consideration. Don’t wear it too tightly or too loosely, that instead of looking good this timepiece gives you a hard time adjusting to it in the first place. You can wear it upside down, keep your bracelet and watch together or separate, the way it is prescribed or however you want it. In case you don’t agree with it, then don’t be bothered and don’t restrict your style and expression because fashion has its own definition for everyone. So stay comfortable, stay glamorous, and always fabulous.

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