Inexpensive Father’s Day Gifts for Churches

Today we will suggest some inexpensive father’s day gifts for churches. On the occasion of Father’s Day, Churches love to give gifts to dad’s. But sometimes these gifts cost a lot. Today in this article I will suggest you some Gift Ideas which are cheaper in cost. The great thing about these ideas is that you can make these gifts at home. Many of these ideas are taken from an article written by Daneille Gray Snowden. Daneille belongs to Snowden Family and they are Missionaries to Africa, America, and all the world. Snowden’s family is ministering to the churches & Pastors.

Custom Gifts for Father’s Day for Churches

Regardless of the occasion, we should make our gifts more personal. Not only will you avoid giving the universally expected gift, but you won’t risk giving the same gift as everyone else. For Father’s Day, give lapel pins or challenge coins custom for the special day, these gifts will help you stand out from the crowd, show your appreciation and love for the recipient, and strengthen your relationships.

father'day coins
Custom Coins and Pins by is the Best Gift Option at a Reasonable Price on Father’s Day

Mini Gifts Wrapped in a Hankie

This is one of the cheap and great Ideas. To make this Mini Gifts wrap you need silk Hankie. You can buy these Silk Hankies from a store near you or you can also order them online. All you have to do is take 3 to 4 chocolate bars and one pocket knife and wrap them in silk hankie. Tie the hankie from the top with some fancy ribbon.  Be creative yourself and you can replace pocket knife and chocolates with your any other gift.

Mini Gift Wraps made by Daneille’s daughter, Felecia, and ready to pass out for Father’s Day!

Popcorn Bag with Movie Ticket, Candies and More

Place some microwave popcorn, candy bar, and a special Father’s Day poem inside a popcorn bag. If you are good at poetry you write this poem yourself. You may find lots of poems online too. You can also place Movie Tickets inside this Popcorn bag. Instead of a movie ticket, you can also place Sports Match tickets. You can increase or decrease the number of candies and chocolates according to your budget. 

Popcorn, candy bar, and Movie Tickets, Fathers Day Gift Idea.

Set of Branded Pens

Branded pens are great gifts for people. Pens are useful and practical gifts and people are sure to appreciate it and also treasure it for years to come. They also symbolize that you respect the person and their thoughts. A pen set is a thoughtful and meaningful gift that you can give to anyone, irrespective of their age. So this father’s day, you may wrap a set of branded pens in Gift-wrapping paper and gift it to dad’s. 

Buy Now this Beautiful Pen Set For Fathers Day Gift.

Framed Art From Local Artist/Minister

You can buy Art Piece from Local Artist and frame it. You can also make your own artwork on a piece of the chart and then frame it. Below is an example of type of Artwork or Poster you can gift to Dad’s. Daneille Gray Snowden framed gifted this artwork on the occasion of one of Father’s Day.

Fathers Day Poster(Rev. Paul Gray)

So these are some “inexpensive father’s day gifts for churches“. You can even make them more expensive and premium and it depends upon how many expensive items you add to these gifts.

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