9+ Pictures of Jimin Without Makeup Looks

We all know that BTS, The K-Pop Band, is always in controversy regarding their song, dance, and moreover from their looks. People are adoring BTS fashion and follow in their footsteps.

In this blog, we are gonna discuss how BTS member Jimin looks without makeup. If Jimin won’t wear makeup then also his face always looks the same with or without makeup and still looks so charming.

“In this short preview, We will show how Jimin looks so good even without makeup and how you can follow his bare skin style.” Even though Jimin has a bare face, he carries his bare looks so beautifully that no one can understand if he is wearing makeup or not.

Here we are gonna tell you where and how BTS Member Jimin portrays his looks without makeup in the fashion world and still being on-trend.

BTS Member Jimin’s Pictures Without Makeup

We are providing assurance to you that if you keep reading this blog then you will completely get to know about how BTS Jimin looks without makeup.

Not even armies (BTS fans) but there are huge numbers of people who are not even their fans but they are following their fashion routine to their dance. If you are not satisfied with the data then you won’t read our blogs from now on. But this is what everyone should know who is in the makeup world.

1 Cute Jimin Without Makeup


Jimin not wearing any makeup while coming live for his fans. If you haven’t seen him in Live chat then here is the picture where he was enjoying his time with his fans.

2 Street Style without Makeup


BTS Member Jimin looks at Airport without any Makeup. He is looking so fresh and stunning in this look. Even BTS Member Jin is called Worldwide Handsome and visual but all the members look like visual Members.

3 Fun Together


This is the Twitter Post of  Bighit Entertainment. Where BTS Leader RM and Jimin are in a casual look. They both look so bright even in winter.

4 Deep into Thinking


This is a non-wearing makeup picture of Jimin before performing in the show. See the beauty he holds while sleeping in a chair. Park Jimin is relaxing before performing on the stage.

5 Selfie with No Makeup


Jimin taking his own selfie lying somewhere. As you can see he is looking so comfy and relaxed. His pink lips grabbed attention to a the armies.

6 Little Makeup picture of Jimin


This is a photo taken by the media where Jimin was wearing a little touch of makeup. Park Jimin posing while looking at the camera.

7 Glowing Jimin without Makeup Photo


Jimin’s picture with a cute face. Here Jimin gives his looks for the photoshoot. In this shot, he appears to be really attractive, and his face has a natural glow.

8 Smiling with No Makeup


Here Jimin is enjoying his time with other BTS Members. Jimini was smiling looking at the camera while sitting on the bathtub.

9 Sunny Day Picture of Jimin


As you can see Jimin holds all the sunlight on his face and it looks so natural here. His messy hair gives off a sporty vibe to the fans.

10 With Blonde Hair

This is the picture at Fan Meeting. Where Jimin is standing with no makeup and looks so gloomy. Park Jimin smiling while looking at his fans. His blonde hair suits him so well.

Some Interesting facts about Jimin

  • Jimin has a smoother Jawline.
  • Jimin has psalm lips.
  • Jimin has a ‘never mind’ tattoo on his waist.
  • Jimin has a flexible body.
  • Jimin got his first piercing when he was with Taehyung (V).


Many of us are curious to know how our favorite Jimin looks without makeup. So here is the conclusion that he looks so natural. This article gives you a glimpse into the beautiful picture of Jimin without makeup. We hope you liked the picture collection, and let us know if you did. Borahae!

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