Luke Islam (Singer) America’s Got Talent, Height, Age, Biography, Relationships & More

Luke Islam (Singer) America’s Got Talent, Height, Age, Biography, Relationships & More

Basic Information, Family and Relationships of Luke Islam

Real NameLuke Islam
HometownGarden City, New York
ResidentGarden City, New York
GenreCountry Music
AchievementGot Golden Buzzer from Julianne Hough at America’s Got Talent

Luke Islam is an American singer from Garden City, New York who got fame after getting selected for America’s Got Talent 2019. Luke is highly supported by his Parents for his musical Journey. Luke also has an older sister named, Vicki. When Luke was little, he performs dancing shows in his room with his sister.

Luke Islam with his Parents just Before Audition of AGT. Image Credit: NBC/AGT Youtube

Music & Singing Journey of Luke Islam

Luke Islam started singing the moment he learned how to talk. Luke got professionally involved in singing when he did a little showcase of music performance at his preschool. Since then he loves performing in front of a large audience. Luke loves singing so much that he sings even while brushing his hair, putting clothes on and even while brushing his teeth. 

When Luke Islam was six years old, his mother took him to see his first Broadway Show. Luke got so much inspired by the Audience, the Crowd, the Stage, the Artists and the Costumes that he started visiting Broadway Show every weekend along with his parents. Luke’s dream is to become a star and make to Broadway. Luke Islam also performed at the Broadway Star Project booth at Broadway Con.

Luke Islam performing at Broadway Star Project.

In 2019, Luke gave audition for America’s Got Talent Season 14 where he sang, “She Used To Be Mine” from the Broadway Musical Waitress. Inspired by his singing performance, Julianne Hough hit the Golden Buzzer, sending Luke Islam straight into the Quarterfinals.

Luke Islam Golden Buzzer Moment.

Social Media Profiles of Luke Islam

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Luke Islam Photo Gallery

Luke Islam posing with his Coat off.
Luke Islam with Julianne Hough.

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