7 Gorgeous Pictures of Marie Osmond Without Makeup

Marie Osmond is an American musician, author, philanthropist, Television actress and a member of The Osmonds, which was one of the most prominent musical groups in America once upon a  time. Marie’s full name is Olive Marie Osmond. She was born in 1959 and currently, she is in her 60s. But her age has failed to be a restraint to her beauty. Here’s a collection of Marie’s pictures which portrays clearly how this multi-talented personality of the beauty queen is not just reel but real life as well. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Marie Osmond’s Pictures Without Makeup

Mesmerising Marie in white


With barely any makeup, Marie stunned mesmerizingly with her sweet smile on and glowing face. It has to be considered as another talent of Marie!

Marie: Beauty in Black


Here again, you can see her with a blushy smile. Her flaunt wavy hair gracefully adds to her beauty.

The glamour of black and white


Now I can strongly say, I am jealous! How can someone look so pretty in black and white photos?

Marie in her teenage


Even a bob haircut can’t take away the natural beauty. “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,” they say but Marie is on another level absolutely.

The smiling sunshine


This smiling photograph proves that the secret of Marie’s beauty is her smile which makes her shine with or without makeup.!



This sweet picture gives a close and clear look at her natural beauty.

Marie now


That’s another picture in which successfully Maria amazed in her formal and classy attire. Don’t forget to give credit to her smile.

Some Interesting Facts About The Marie Osmond

Her Huge Family

Marie married two times and she has eight children. She has one child with Stephen Craig, her first husband then she married Brian Blosil and had 7 children with him out of which 5 are adopted. She is the only daughter and  8th child out of 9 children in her family.

The Toughest Time of her Life

Like everyone, Marie too has been through a lot of hard times but the phase of her son’s death Michael was the toughest part of her life. When he died by suicide.

Marie married Steve Craig, her first husband twice

The couple married in 1982 first time but after three years of married life, they separated paths. Then after one year of her divorce, she married Brian Blosil in 1986 but the marriage didn’t work and they ended up a divorce in 2007. Then Steve and Marie met again, decided to continue their journey together, and remarried in Las Vegas in 2011.

The golden history of 5 decades

The multi-talented Marie Osmond has lived 5 historical decades performing as a successful star in music, entertainment, writing, and business fields. To this date, she is one of the most renowned figures in the world.

The influencer

She has fans across the globe and she has been interacting with them actively through social media daily.

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Wrapping up

Many of you wanted to see how our favorite celebrity looks in a natural state without makeup. This article gives you a look at Marie Osmond’s stunning face without makeup. Here are some facts and glimpses about her and her natural beauty. We hope you enjoyed the photo gallery, and please let us know in the comments section if you did!

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