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Personal & Family Information of Max Boyle

Real NameMax Boyle
HometownToledo, Ohio
EducationDegree in Psychology from the University of Dayton
GenreSoulful, Melodious
AchievementsAmong Top 13 Contestants of The Voice American Season 17

Max Boyle is a melodious singer and live performer from Toledo, Ohio. Besides singing, Max is also a Songwriter. Boyle was born to a family of six kids. He is the youngest of them all, so he has five elder siblings. They all started singing and getting into music at a young age, so he grew up with a Musical Environment. Max graduated from the University of Dayton with a degree in Psychology. He continued to perform even while he was in college, and he continued to sharpen his skills as a musical artist.

Max Boyle is also a good Guitar Player.

Music and Singing Journey of Max Boyle

When Max Boyle was still in high school he enjoyed participating in sports. As he got older and became a serious athlete, he hid his artistic side and would only sing when alone. Max was benched because of a broken arm in his freshman year of high school, so he reignited his love for singing and later posted a video on Facebook. His coach saw it and urged him to join the school choir where he became a lead soloist. Max is also a very good guitar player and was a member of a band named, The Ripz.

In 2019 Max gave Blind Audition for “The Voice American Season 17”. Max reached Top 13 on The Voice Season 17 and got eliminated in Live Shows. Max has already released songs that he has written himself, even before getting selected in “The Voice”. His first release was in 2018, as an EP titled “Something to Hold” featuring the lead single “Angle” which has gained over 400K streams on the Spotify site.

Max Boyle Performing on The Voice Season-17.

Max Boyle’s Social Media Profiles

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