This Research Reveals How to Position Your Fashion Brand for Maximum Impact

This Research Reveals How to Position Your Fashion Brand for Maximum Impact

Every business venture must creatively advertise its services to its intended audience to beat the market and get higher sales than its competition. 

And to adequately promote your items, you must offer your business and its offerings compellingly to your customers. However, to do this, you must precisely know who your target clients are and the proven ways to catch their attention, and this requires top to bottom market research.

But sadly, since market research is typically time-consuming and costly, most businesses attempt to do without it. Be that as it may, except if you understand your market, you won’t be able to exhibit your business in a way that the majority of your clients will flow with.

Why Was Our Research Carried Out?

We were curious about which businesses our customers favored, what tone would be more appealing to them, and how age demographics influence these two components.

Presently, whether you decide to brainstorm for company name ideas or employ the services of a naming agency, this research will assist you with understanding how to position your brand with your intended customer base.

Knowing the significance a decent market survey plays for any rising brand, we conducted and gathered this broad research to help you decide the best brand positioning for your business. 

We found, in this survey, how various customers react to businesses that utilize cutting-edge, modern tones vs. those that use classical, long-standing tones. We interviewed over 300 American clients and gathered information on which brands various client age groups in the market lean toward and favor. 

Why is This Relevant for Your Business?

As a founder, you must learn to leverage your brand’s character, atmosphere, style, voice, and value proposition to get the interests of your desired demographic.

And to stand out, you must make your brand alluring and attractive by expertly utilizing brand components like your business name, logo, and taglines, as these are the parts of your image that individuals will experience initially.

So before making a brand proposition plan and naming your business, it is vital to research your target market to recognize the kinds of companies and services they like and prefer over others.

Let’s Analyze the Outcome of Our Survey

We divided the information from the survey by age demographics to better understand the data we’ve found.

This is the result we got from the 301 persons we surveyed.

  • People between 25 to 34 showed strong support for businesses with modern and stylish brand tones.
Courtesy: Squadhelp
  • From our survey, people between 35 to 44 showed that they lean toward contemporary and trendy companies. However, there isn’t much difference between their reaction to these two tones, implying that the two strategies would be fruitful for this age group.
Courtesy: Squadhelp
  • Our survey found that people aged 45 to 54 lean toward brands with historical and traditional tones instead of those with modern and stylish ones.
Courtesy: Squadhelp
  • People aged 55 to 65 vastly preferred businesses with a traditional and established tone.
Courtesy: Squadhelp
  • The survey found that men had no particular inclination toward brands with modern or traditional tones.
Courtesy: Squadhelp
  • However, women leaned more toward trusted and established businesses than new ones.
Courtesy: Squadhelp
  • Of the 301 members, 143 picked trendy and innovative brands, while 158 picked traditional companies.
Courtesy: Squadhelp

To get the best result from our survey, analyze your intended audience demographic and shape your brand to fit their demands. Doing this would make your brand more appealing to your target demographic.

Why This Matters to Your Business

Our research shows that young individuals are more drawn to cutting-edge, trendsetting, and progressive brands. To target this demographic, you must make a creative and modern brand name like TikTok, KitKat, and Zoom.

However, if you intend to pull in an older client base, like Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, your business’s name should have a traditional tone like Facebook, Dolce & Gabbana, IBM, and General Motors.

Correctly branding your fashion business will increase the value of your business in its niche, so make sure you use the knowledge of this research to position your brand in the minds of your target market.

Grant Polachek is the head of branding at Squadhelp, a 3X Inc. 5000 company. Squadhelp is well-known for being one of the greatest crowdsource naming brands. We reviewed over one million brand names and built an extensive collection of excellent domain names that have helped young startups and Fortune 500 businesses find great names for their business.

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