Sabeeha, Khiladi Actress, Biography, Age, Relationships, Wiki Bio

Sabeeha, Khiladi Actress, Biography, Age, Relationships, Wiki Bio

Basic Information, Family and Relationships of Sabeeha

Real Name Sabeeha (also spelled as Sabia)
Birth Year  1971
Hometown Mumbai, India
Mother Ameetha (Veteran Actress)
Profession Previously Acting & Jewelry Designer
Debut Movie Anokha Rishta

Sabeeha was well known Indian actress in the early 90’s. She has a well known filmy background in her family. She is the daughter of actress “Ameetha”, who acted opposite Shammi Kapoor in the movie “Tumsa Nahin Dekha”. After retiring from the film world her mother Ameeta was married to actor, director Kamran ( Father of Sajid and Farha Khan). Sabeeha was born from Kamran’s second marriage. Sabeeha is the step-sister of famous filmmakers Sajid and Farha Khan.

Sabeeha with Deepak Tijori in Poster of “Khiladi”

Carrier of Sabeeha

Sabeeha started her carrier as a movie actress in 1986. She debuted with the bold film Anokha Rishta (1986) opposite a much older Rajesh Khanna. Sabeeha was a too young, beautiful, and delicate pretty doll when she debuted. During the filming of Anokha Rishta, she accused Rajesh Khanna of harassment. Though no case was filed, the damage was done to Sabeeha’s reputation. She was banished from Bollywood. After a much-publicized public spat with Khanna, Sabeeha moved on with lead roles in B grade films like Qayamat ki Raat (1990) and Sone Ki Zanjeer (1991). After that, she did smaller character roles in big-budget films like 100 days (1991), Khiladi (1992), Zaalim (1994), and Jai Vikranta (1995). Then she suddenly disappeared from Bollywood and never returned back. Khiladi was one of her best movies and she is still remembered for her role in Khiladi. After her film career ended, she worked as a jewelry designer and later worked for an airline in a Gulf country.

Poster of Movie Anokha Rishta featuring Sabeeha and Rajesh Khanna

Sabeeha Filmography

Sabiha worked in 10 Bollywood films. Below is the list of her movie.




1986 Anokha Rishta Mary (Lead Role)
1990 Qayamat ki Raat Sandhya
1990 Baap Numbri Beta Dus Numbri Anita P. Singh
1991 Sone Ki Zanjeer Sapna (Supporting Role)
1991 100 days Sudha Mathur
1992 Khiladi Sheetal Nath
1993 Meri Aan Rukhsar
1994 Aaja Sanam Jyoti 
1994 Zaalim Kavita
1995 Jai Vikranta Zeenat (Hero’s Sister)
Sabeeha Still from Movie “Aaja Sanam”. Image Credit: Shemaroo

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