Sebastian Kahuna Biography

If you have seen the movies Santo Domingo, Shotgun Wedding, and Netflix series The I-Land, then you must have wondered what the name of the leading actor is, and you must have searched his name on Google. 

Yes, today we will talk about American actor Sebastian Kahuna, who has achieved a lot of fame at the age of 43. And many people in the world know him today, they have created a fan following in their own right, due to which it becomes more important to know about them.

In today’s article, we will explore Sebastian Kahuna biography, wiki info, bio, age, networth, and more. So let’s start-

Sebastian Kahuna’s Personal Life

Sebastian Kahuna was born on September 10, 1979, in Minnesota, USA, and started his journey through Instagram, in which he uploads videos and pictures of blogging, Vlogging, acting, and photoshoots.

Today Sebastian Kahuna is 43 years old as of 2022. Sebastian Kahuna studied Arts and audio visuals in Quebec, Canada. He earned his college degree from Dakota Wesleyan University Mitchell. 

Sebastian Kahuna’s height is near about 1.7 meters and currently his main work is Acting, Production and Blogging. Sebastian is food lover and also love hockey, nature and wines.

Kahuna is a married to beautiful actress, Angie Gisèle. Sebastian have two sons, Estevan Berube and Oshan Gabriel Berube. 

Sebastian Kahuna with Family (Wife & Two Sons)

Sebastian Kahuna net worth

As of today, Sebastian Kahuna has a net worth of $1.6 million. He has multiple sources of Income. Beside acting he earns from production and also own Resort. He is owner of Kahuna Beach Resort and Sports Club. Kahuna also do financing Movie Productions through Crytpo Currency.

Sebastian’s Physique and Workout

Sebastian workout with weight lifting and gym for 5 days a week. He also give 2 to 3 days a week to sports. Sebastian loves to play Polo, tennis and hockey.

Sebastian has Lean Body as he is active in Sports and Gym

Sebastian Kahuna Movies

Sebastian Kahuna has done 15 films in his early life including 6 in production and the name of one of those movies is “Santo Domingo” which he did in 2020. There is “Shotgun Wedding” which is going to come in 2022, and its shooting is over in 2021. 

He first produced short film in 1995, First time on a international Film set in 2001 & First time on a Netflix Set in 2017.  Apart from this, he also worked in “The App” movie & “I-Land” Netflix series in 2019. He had performed brilliantly, due to which thousands of people became his fans.

He have currently several Movies in Pre Productions at the moment, some of which were paused due to covid 19 that are now moving ahead again. 

Sebastian Kahuna’s Influential Personality

Today Sebastian Kahuna is a famous personality but he is also a blogger and vlogger. Apart from this, the number of people who follow him on Instagram is also very high. 

Sebastian Kahuna got a chance to work in films because of Instagram reach. Today, there are more than 13000 followers on this confrontation of his. Instagram has given him a new identity, and helps him get a chance to work in famous films.

Looking at his acting career, he has got golden opportunities to play roles in films. In 2021, he worked on a film to release in 2022 called “The Shotgun Wedding”.

 He got more intention in the movie “The Shotgun Wedding” and many people have liked his work.

Sebastian Instagram Handle

Here are social Media Accounts of Sebastian

Click here for Instagram Profile of Sebastian Kahuna

Some interesting facts about Sebastian Kahuna

  • Sebastian Kahuna got the most fame in 2019, his movie “The I-Land”.
  • Sebastian Kahuna loves to play ice hockey, and also likes to watch ice hockey.
  • Sebastian Kahuna has also played hockey for the Dominican Republic.
  • When he was in the Dominican Republic team, he was involved in the Alex Pride Cup in 2016 and 2017. At that time Sebastian Kahuna also played for the Dominican Republic in the same cup 2 times.
  • When Sebastian Kahuna used to play hockey with his team, the money that had to be juggled to play hockey, he also used to do it together with his team members. 
  • Sebastian Kahuna loves to travel to many places.
  • In 2018, he started getting offers from Hollywood.


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