Sharad Sharma SaReGaMaPa Biography

Sharad Sharma is a famous singer because of his incredible singing and style. He appeared for the first time in Zee TV’s reality show SaReGaMaPa 2021, making an immediate impression on the Indian audience. Music lovers want to know more about Sharad Sharma Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. 

He played his harmonium while performing songs. In the first audition on SaReGaMaPa reality show 2021, all three judges and juries were very happy with his mind-blowing performance and they appreciated him.

Who is Sharad Sharma?

Who Is Sharad Sharma

Sharad Sharma is a professional singer who belongs to Vidisha Ganjbasoda Madhya Pradesh, and his singing talent has earned a place in the hearts of millions. Today we discuss “Sharad Sharma biography” and his professional career through the music world.

Now Sharad is part of the top 11 contestants of  ZEE TV SAREGAMAPA 2021. He is an Indian playback singer and makes a unique impression on the Indian audience.

Sharad Sharma Age| Family| Net Worth

Name Sharad Sharma
Profession Singer
Age 26 Years 
Famous Singing
Nationality Indian
Father N/a
Mother N/a
Siblings Brother
Networth N/a
Charges Per Show 50 to 90 thousand
Favorite Food Samosa
Height 5 feet 6 inch
Weight 80 kg
Address Vidisha Ganjbasoda Madhya Pradesh, India
Religion Hindu

Sharad Sharma childhood & education

Sharad Sharma has been learning music since childhood. He belongs to Vidisha Ganjbasoda Madhya Pradesh, India. Sharad is very fond of eating different types of dishes. Samosa is one of his favorite dishes and liked it since childhood.

Sharad Sharma’s singing journey

Sharad has always enjoyed singing songs. But he had no idea that his talent would take him to this stage. As a child, he used to sing songs while taking a bath in the bathroom. One day, his elder brother heard him and said, “You’re singing like children sing songs in reality shows.” 

He also says that you have a talent to make your future with singing. Since then, Sharad has taken music as a passion. Through his sweet and melodious voice, all three judges and juries on the SaReGaMaPa reality show 2021 are impressed by his performance.

What has always inspired Sharad Sharma to move forward?

One day his brother told him you can go on the top in this singing world because your voice is so pure and you sing a song by heart. I hope that one day you will brighten my name because of your musical talent. This thought motivates Sharad to move forward in this world of music.

Sharad Sharma Instagram handle

Sharad Sharma Facebook Page

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The milestones of Sharad Sharma’s life

  • Sharad Sharma competed in SaReGaMaPa singing competition 2021.
  • His duet with SaReGaMaPa Singer Laj was a social media sensation.
  • Sharad has his own Facebook page which has been liked by 1.9k people.
  • Sharad runs his own official YouTube channel which has been subscribed by 10.5k people.
  • Sharad is very active on his Instagram account and has 6.8k followers.

Facts about Sharad Sharma’s life

  • Sharad loves potato parathas made by his mother’s hand.
  • Sharad’s favorite Indian dish is Samosas and he loves to eat them.
  • Sharad is very innocent in appearance.
  • Sharad is very fond of a variety of foods.
  • In one of his audition rounds of SaReGaMaPa 2021, judges give him “BDA pau” after his mind-blowing performance.
  • Sharad sings songs with the help of Harmonium.
  • Sharad is an innocent guy who has won the hearts of the judges because of his funny nature and different singing style.
  • Before coming to Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2021, he worked in many religious programs.

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