7+ Rare Pictures of TNA Rosemary without Makeup

TNA wrestler Rosemary’s real name is Holly Letkeman, and she was born on November 29, 1983, in a Canadian city. She is a wrestler by profession, and her name is known loudly and proudly in the wrestling field. Rosemary is a former Impact Knockouts Champion and a former Impact Knockouts Team Champion. Currently she is contracted to Impact Wrestling under the ring name Rosemary. Now everyone knows her as TNA Rosemary in wrestling, and she has received a lot of affection throughout the world because of her gaming talent.

Rosemary has worn a unique style of makeup throughout the majority of Wrestling performances. As a result, she has established a distinct identity in the wrestling industry. Her followers are excited to see her without makeup looks because they have seen rosemary in various types of makeup throughout the shows. So we’re going to share a snapshots of TNA Rosemary with you in which she hasn’t applied any make-up and you can see her natural beauty.

1. TNA Rosemary Enjoy Music


TNA Rosemary enjoys music and looking fresh as ever in this photo. The key to keeping your skin looking healthy and naturally glowy is making sure that you take good care of it. Rosemary’s fresh-faced look is all about accentuating her beautiful features.

2. Rosemary aka Holly Letkeman at home


There is no doubt that TNA Rosemary looks very natural when she doesn’t wear makeup. Rosemary appears to be taking a selfie in her home with no makeup look. While doing activities, she looked so natural, radiant, and healthy without any makeup.

3. Another Cute Picture of Rosemary without Makeup TNA-Rosemary-without-Makeup

TNA Rosemary gives a hot pose with no makeup look. Her glowing skin shows the importance of eating healthy foods and regular exercise. She often poses for photoshoots with no makeup on her face, which makes her look even more gorgeous and charming.

4. Rosemary in Red Sports Costume


TNA Rosemary’s fans are being crazy to watch her no makeup looks. In the above image Rosemary does not apply any makeup to make her face glowy and natural.Rosemary’s no makeup looks is proof that she looks gorgeous without even wearing any makeup. 

5. TNA Wrestler Rosemary in Action | Hot Look Without Makeup


Rosemary is a member of Wrestling companies and she has a unique style while fighting.Rosemary is one of the most popular wrestlers, who comes from a family of wrestling superstars. She is known for her stylish prowess and is considered as the Queen of wrestling.

6. White skin tone with natural blush


TNA Rosemary appears to have washed her hair and taken a selfie right thereafter.The natural glow is clearly visible on her cheeks. Her natural pinkish glow is a symbol of her beauty and she looks so beautiful without any makeup.

7. TNA Rosemary cute selfie with no makeup


TNA Rosemary is sporting a baby pink and dark pink color pattern combo shirt in this shot. This sweatshirt looks very beautiful on her blonde complexion, she took this selfie in wet hair.Her face doesn’t need makeup; in fact, her natural radiance is more appealing than her cosmetics.Her followers will be impressed by this cute selfie of her face.

8. TNA Rosemary in red t-shirt without makeup


In this photo, Rosemary is wearing a red T-shirt with white and black print on it and looks super chic in a cute outfit. Rosemary also has a locket strung around her neck with a thread, which adds more attractiveness to her neck line. Rosemary also wears a pair of goggles to complete her ensemble, which provide a wonderful touch to her overall outfit.

Some Known Facts of Rosemary aka Holly Letheman

  • Her real name is Holly Letkeman but she is famously known as TNA Rosemary.
  • She is a Canadian wrestler and born on November 29, 1983.
  • Under the ring name Courtney Rush, she has worked for various promotions such as BSE Pro, BCW, Maximum Pro Wrestling, NCW Femmes Fatales, Steel City Pro Wrestling, and Shimmer Women Athletes, etc.
  • She is also a member of the Shimmer Tag Team Championship with the name Sara Del Rey.
  • Her father introduced her to professional wrestling and she was born in Winnipeg and grew up in Stonewall, Manitoba.

Many of us are curious to know how our favorite TNA Rosemary looks without makeup, in a natural look. This article gives you a glimpse into the beautiful picture of TNA Rosemary without makeup. We hope you liked the picture collection, and let us know if you did.

Note: Images Credit to Google Search.

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