Vraj Kshatriya SaReGaMaPa Biography

Vraj Kshatriya is a music artist from Vadodara, Gujarat India. Today, Vraj Kshatriya’s success is only because of his family’s support and dedication. Vraj has been chosen as one of the top 14 contestants for the SaReGaMaPa show 2021. 

Vraj Kshatriya SaReGaMaPa is already a well-known singer because of the mindblowing sound. Today he has been the subject of social media, since his appearance in Zee TV’s Saregamapa singing reality show.

Music lovers want to know about Vraj Kshatriya, what he does, what his favorite food is, weight, his personal life, and so on. Without any delay, let’s explore more about Vraj Kshatriya SaReGaMaPa.

Who is Vraj Kshatriya?

Who Is Vraj Kshatriya

Vraj Kshatriya is an artist from Vadodara, India. He enjoys music, movies, and the arts. Fashion and singing are also areas of interest for him. You can hear his music by hiring him for your special events such as weddings, concerts, and corporate functions. During his audition round, his voice won the hearts of the Judges and Juries.

Name Vraj Kshatriya
Profession Singer
Age 24 Years
Famous Singing
Nationality Indian
Father Hitendra Kshatriya
Mother Jayshree Kshatriya
Height 5 feet 9 inch
Weight 62 kg
Address Vadodara, Gujarat India
Religion Hindu

Vraj Kshatriya’s childhood & education

Vraj Kshatriya's Childhood

He loves his father and mother very much. It is only because of the support of his family that he has achieved a position in the singing world. He is very fond of singing since childhood. Therefore, after completing his studies, he gave preference to the music field and decided to go ahead with music.

Vraj Kshatriya’s singing journey

Vraji’s father is a Gujarati businessman who aims for his son to follow in his footsteps. Vraj doesn’t want to be a businessman but he wants to be a singer. When Viraj’s engineering was completed, his father thought that now his son would take over his business. Viraj explained to his father that he does not want to be a businessman but he wants to become a singer, so he needs his support to follow his dreams.

Virat’s father saw legitimate deep desire and dedication in his son’s eyes. He told vraj to go and fulfill his dreams. His father also said that if you are not successful in this music field within 3 years, then you will have to join our family business. This is a moment that pushed him a lot to become one of the top 14 contestants in the Saregamapa 2021 reality show.

Vraj Kshatriya’s Age| Family

Vraj Kshatriya family

Vraj, his mother, father, and sister lived together at home. He basically belongs to Vadodara Gujarat, India. He is 24 years old as of 2021. Viraj comes from a typical Gujarati family.

Vraj Kshatriya Instagram handle

The Milestones & Facts of Vraj Kshatriya’s life

  • Vraj has 14.3k followers on Instagram.
  • Vraj is fluent in two languages including Hindi and Gujarati. 
  • In the 90’s special Saregama show, Vraj won the hearts of all the judges by singing the song “Dil ka Aalam Main Kya Bataun Tujhe”.
  • Vraj belongs to a typical Gujarati family.
  • He has participated in the Indian Pro Music League singing competition.

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