Watch Size Guide for the Female Wrist

Just like we buy new clothes and pay close attention to their fit and size before purchasing them. Similarly, there are some accessories in which we must pay close attention to their size because the wrong size might ruin your appearance. So, before purchasing a watch, you should be aware of your wrist size so that you can get a properly fitting watch that will complement your personality.

Buying a watch online can be tricky. Use our easy-to-read watch size guide to help you find the right watch that fits your style and personality. Before purchasing a watch that is the ideal size for your wrist, many thoughts will come to mind. Which watch size is your perfect fit? How to measure wrist? The easiest way to find the best fir for yourself and many more questions.

This female wristwatch size guide will assist you in determining the perfect fit for you. It is critical to find the right fit, but a women’s wrist size guide will help you choose the right piece for yourself. When we think about buying a watch, the first thing that comes to mind is our wrist size and which watch looks nice on our wrist and fits our personality. All of your questions will be answered in this watch size guide, so stay tuned until the end. We’ll begin with the question; How do you measure a woman’s wrist for a watch?

Here is the super easiest way to measure a female wrist in seconds.

  1. Find a ruler; it should have mm on the side. If your ruler doesn’t have them, buy an online millimeter ruler. A measuring tape is an alternative method. The tape is used by trailers to measure the size of their fabrics. As you can see, the measuring tape is divided into centimeters on one side and inches on the other. As you know, most watch sizes are stated in millimeters therefore you may either convert centimeters to millimeters by using google.
  2. Open your hand while measuring your wrist because there is a slight difference while in an open hand.
  3. Rotate your hand with the palm of your hand facing upward and open your hand; now measure your wrist in this position.
  4. Wrap a measuring tape around your wrist, right where you want the watch to sit.
  5. Mark the length where the end meets.
  6. Whatever measurement you have for your wrist, convert it to millimeters, and you will know the precise size of your wrist.
  7. There is a minimal variation in the wrists of both hands; take measurements of the hand on which you prefer to place the wristwatch.

These seven steps are easy to do for measuring your wrist size in seconds. So, before you buy a watch, measure your wrist and choose the best fit for yourself.

How do you choose the perfect case size for a women’s wrist?

After measuring wrist size, the diameter is the most crucial consideration in selecting the proper watch. Your wrist size will tell you what diameter dial or case size you should buy.

Here’s the perfect case size guide for women and the best way to find your proper fit.

Wrist size(in inches)   Watch case size
5.9 – 7.1 inch 1.3 – 1.7 inch
7.5 – 9.5 inch 1.6 – 1.8 inch
Wrist size(in centimeters) Watch case size
15 – 18 cm 34 mm – 43 mm
19 – 25 cm 42 mm – 46 mm

The table above will assist you in selecting the best dials for your women’s wrist. Our dial-size guide is applicable for both men and women. Watch dials are now available in various shapes, and the dial you should purchase is entirely up to you. Although round dials are the most common shape in watch designs, you will see other shapes such as square, round, rectangle, and many more in today’s fashion world. So, our women’s watch size guide can assist you in selecting the best watch dial for yourself.

Watch Case Thickness

A case thickness is often directly correlated with actually the case diameter. You’ve probably noticed that the watch with the smallest case thickness is the more expensive one. In fact, in watches with a smaller watch case with measurement (38 to 42 mm), cases are 7 mm thick. However, in larger cases, watches are normally 9 mm thick.

Watch Strap Width

The watchband is another necessary point of this guide, so you should pay close attention to a watch’s bandwidth. It is a fact that the width of the watch is half the diameter of the case.

So, if your watch case is 36mm, the strap width should be 18mm. However, it is not a mandatory guideline that must be followed; you are free to purchase a watch that you love to wear.

What is a perfect watch size for a woman? (Size chart-Wrist Vs Dial)

Here are two Wrist Vs Dial-Size Charts; the First one is in Centimeters, Second is in Inches

Wrist Size in Centimeters

Dial diameter(mm)

Small  Medium larger
12 cm 21 mm 27 mm 34 mm
13 cm 22 mm 27 mm 34 mm
14 cm 23 mm 28 mm 35 mm
15 cm 24 mm 29 mm 36 mm
16 cm 25 mm 30 mm 37 mm
17 cm 26 mm 31 mm 38 mm
18 cm 27 mm 32 mm 39 mm
19 cm 28 mm 33 mm 40 mm
20 cm 29 mm 34 mm 41 mm
21 cm 30 mm 35 mm 41 mm
22 cm 31mm 36 mm 42 mm
23 cm 32 mm 37 mm 43 mm
23 cm 33 mm 38 mm 44 mm

Here is Wrist Vs Dial Size Charts in Inches:

Wrist Size in Inches

Dial Diameter(mm)

Small  Medium larger
4.1 inch 21 mm 27 mm 34 mm
5.1 inch 22 mm 27 mm 34 mm
5.5 inch 23 mm 28 mm 35 mm
5.9 inch 24 mm 29 mm 36 mm
6.3 inch 25 mm 30 mm 37 mm
6.7 inch 26 mm 31 mm 38 mm
7.1 inch 27 mm 32 mm 39 mm
7.5 inch 28 mm 33 mm 40 mm
7.9 inch 29 mm 34 mm 41 mm
8.3 inch 30 mm 35 mm 41 mm
8.7inch 31mm 36 mm 42 mm
9.1inch 32 mm 37 mm 43 mm
9.5 inch 33 mm 38 mm 44 mm

What is the most common wrist size?

  • The average size of an extra small women’s wrist

For extra small wrist, size measurements fit 6.5 inches or 16.51 centimeters

  • The average size of a small women’s wrist

For small wrist, size measurements fit 7 inches or 17.78 centimeters

  • The average size of a Medium women’s wrist

For Medium wrist, size measurements fit 8 inches or 20.32 centimeters.


A watch that does not fit correctly is not only uncomfortable to wear, but it may also be hazardous. If you wear your watch too loose, it can easily slip off and become lost, but if you wear it too tight, it will strain your skin or may cause nerve damage—the most critical aspect of choosing a watch that fits properly and best suits your personality.

In our watch size guide for the female wrist, we’ve addressed all of the reasons you can’t find the proper watch and created size recommendations to assist anyone in selecting the perfect watch for themselves.

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