Why do women’s jeans have fake pockets?

In the 1960s, a group of women in the fashion industry came up with the idea to put fake pockets in women’s jeans. And since then till today fake pocket jeans are always on-trend. But the question is Why do women’s jeans have fake pockets?

The goal of the fake pocket is to create an optical illusion that makes the hips look smaller and the butt look more defined. That is why fake pockets are so popular with jeans. It’s not only a matter of trend but a matter of necessity.

In general, women’s jeans are made to look more fashionable, which is why they have fake pockets. There are plenty of women’s jeans with real pockets, but there are a few styles where it looks good.

For example, if you have a pair of skinny jeans that have real pockets on the back. If you wore them, the real pockets would probably look pretty silly.

Most of the time, fake pockets are to maintain the aesthetic of designer jeans. Real pockets can be bulky or create an awkward shape with certain fit options, so designers sew jeans with a fake pocket.

Main purpose of fake pockets

Women’s jeans have no such space, so they are free to use whatever type of pockets they want. In addition to being generally smaller than men’s jeans, women’s jeans also vary quite a bit more in style and shape — some may be tighter or looser, higher or lower at the waist, and so on.

With fewer restrictions on how they’re made, women’s jeans can incorporate all kinds of details that would make men’s jeans look less masculine. So including fake pockets are purely decorative rather than functional.

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Benefits of having fake pockets in the jeans

  • No longer will you have to sacrifice your comfort and stylish outfits.
  • Fake-pocketed jeans come in a variety of styles, washes, sizes, and cuts—so there is truly an option for everyone.
  • Fake pockets are incredibly useful for women who want all the benefits of a pocket without having to actually store things in them.
  • If you put too much stuff in the pocket, it spoils your look, but with the help of a fake pocket, you can show off your pocket without having to put anything in it.
  • Not just any pockets, but perfect pockets. Pockets are positioned to flatter every body type.
  • Women’s jeans are made with fake pockets because it’s a fair way to show off the curves of a woman’s body.
  • Fake pockets make the pants more comfortable for women to wear, as they are comfortable on the hip area.
  • Fake pockets enhance the design of all jeans types.
  • Fake pockets are the best way to show off your inner fashionista.

The Bottom Line

The most essential piece of clothing in any woman’s wardrobe is the perfect pair of jeans. Jeans go with absolutely everything, from t-shirts and sneakers to blazers and heels.

Women’s jeans come in every possible design, including skinnies, boyfriends, flares, high waists, fake pockets, and more—and they all are designed to make your look fashionable.

Fake pocket jeans have an advantage over other types of jeans because they have a better fitting, are stylish, more comfortable, and have no lumps on the sides.

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