Braided Beauty: Celebrating Versatility and Personal Style with FANCIVIVI’s High-Quality Extensions

As a young black girl, braids were a huge part of my childhood and adolescent years. From basic cornrows to intricate updos, braids allow you to get creative and express your personal style. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate braids even more for their versatility and ability to protect my natural hair.

Butterfly Braids

Butterfly braids are the first braided design that I have tried. These braids, as the name implies, fan out from the head like butterfly wings. They remind me of summers spent in my grandmother’s lawn chasing butterflies. To get the style, the hairdresser divides the hair into many pieces before braiding it straight back into a butterfly or fan shape. Butterfly braids frame the face beautifully. I felt like a goddess strolling down the street with my braids flying behind me the first time I tried them. One of the nicest things about butterfly braids is that you may make them as basic or as ornate as you wish. I like to keep them basic, with around 10 bigger braids on either side. Some of my pals, on the other hand, go all out with 30+ tiny braids elaborately crisscrossing their heads for a show-stopping look. Butterfly braids, in any size, are a stunning, feminine alternative that is ideal for special events.


Tribal Braids Would Always Make a Statement

Tribal braids have a long history and cultural importance, and they are frequently inspired by diverse African ethnic groups and indigenous tribes. These braided hairstyles have grown and become a popular choice for people from all walks of life who value their beauty and adaptability.

One of the most notable characteristics of tribal braids is their capacity to make a dramatic statement. Tribal braids may improve your look and turn attention everywhere you go, whether you’re attending a special event, expressing your particular style, or simply searching for a protective hairdo.

Tribal braids are one of my all-time favorite braided styles. Tribal braids are made by braiding natural hair and then adding braided hair extensions. You may use the extensions to make braids of varied widths and patterns to create gorgeous, artistic creations. In high school, I fell in love with tribal braids after having them done in a mohawk style with braids of varying sizes flowing down the back of my head. I felt very daring and individual! The beautiful thing about tribal braids is that you may modify them to achieve the appearance you want. Do you want to go for a boho look? Choose thick, free-flowing braids. Do you want to channel your inner warrior princess? Try a complex half-up, half-down style with densely weaved braids. 

The appeal of tribal braids stems from their almost limitless possibilities. You may experiment with different patterns, sizes, and forms to create a distinct look that expresses your personality. From delicate cornrows to hefty box braids, the possibilities are endless and allow for individual expression. Tribal braids may be worn in a variety of styles, including updos, ponytails, and flowing down the back, making them appropriate for any occasion.

Fulani Braids Hold a Special Style for Us

Fulani braids are another braided style that holds a special place in my heart. Also known as banana braids, these braids are styled to hang straight down in rows along the back of the head. They are then accessorized with gold cuffs or rings where each braid parts. I first discovered Fulani braids on a trip to Ghana in college. I was mesmerized by the click-clacking sound the gold rings made when the local women walked by. When I returned home, I knew I had to try the iconic style myself. At the salon, I had my stylist braid my natural hair straight back into about 30 neat cornrows. She then decorated each braid with tiny gold bands interspersed with larger statement cuffs. I felt so regal and powerful when she finished. The best part was hearing my Fulani braids announce my presence as I went about my day. Of all the braided styles, Fulani braids most closely connect me to my African roots. I make sure to rock them at least a few times a year to celebrate my heritage.


The Right Brand You Should Choose

No matter which braided style I choose, I rely on FANCIVIVI for high-quality braided wigs and extensions. As a brand created by and for black women, FANCIVIVI understands the significance and versatility of braids in black culture. Their wigs and extensions allow me to achieve any braided look I desire while protecting the health of my natural hair underneath. The 100% virgin human hair they use mimics the texture and feel of my own hair perfectly. I never have to worry about shedding, tangling, or damage with FANCIVIVI extensions. Their easy clip-in installation takes all the hassle out of getting braids done at a salon. When I want to quickly switch up my look, I just clip in a new FANCIVIVI braided wig and I’m ready to go in minutes!

From edgy tribal braids to elegant butterfly braids to exotic Fulani braids, FANCIVIVI provides me with high-quality, customizable options to express my personal style. Their focus on celebrating the beauty of black hairstyles inspires me to have fun and get creative with my braids. No matter which braided look I choose, I feel confident and empowered knowing I’m supporting a black -owned brand made for women like me.

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