Swimwear Tips for the Trendy and Traditional

Choosing your swimwear is a personal experience that should make you feel comfortable and confident. The increasing demand for specialty swimwear and growth in the beauty industry seem to trend with projections for the global swimwear market, in which consumers show increasingly more interest in materials other than nylon, polyester, and spandex you commonly see in suits. Consider some trends that never grow old and show women expressing themselves more in their pool and beachwear.

Embracing Nostalgic Pieces

With the re-emergence of styles from the late 1990s and early 2000s comes the use of fun fabrics and creative designs. A crochet bikini with denim shorts is the perfect throwback. The crochet craze was all about designs with daisies and simple patterns back then. You can make it your own with a colorful, retro-inspired bikini and enjoy the upgrades in supportive elastic detailing and stretchy fabric to keep the suit’s shape.

Australian Model Christina Fevre wearing Crochet Bikini. Credit: Christina’s Insta ID

Appreciating the Versatility of String Bikinis

The timeless string bikini is always an excellent choice for beach lovers who value versatility over heavy support. Pair it with shorts and a linen button-up or a maxi dress to take from beach wear to a dinner outfit. Throw on a wide-brimmed hat to wear in the garden or lounge in the summer heat. Mix up your trends with a crochet bikini for more comfortable strings on vacation.

The Timeless Appeal of the One-Piece Swimsuit

The one-piece swimsuit, a classic and timeless piece of swimwear, embodies both elegance and versatility. With its seamless design, it offers full coverage and support while gracefully accentuating the curves of the body. Whether adorned with vibrant prints, intricate details, or sleek and minimalistic lines, the one-piece swimsuit provides a range of options to suit various styles and preferences.

From retro-inspired silhouettes to modern and innovative designs, this enduring swimwear choice exudes confidence and sophistication, making it a go-to option for those seeking both comfort and fashion-forward flair at the beach or poolside.

Opt for a one-piece swimsuit to embrace both style and comfort at the beach

Expressing Your Style With a Cover Up

Cover-ups allow you to play even more with your swimwear style. Women just learning to feel comfortable in their suits can invest in a single suit for the summer and change it up with different cover-ups. A crochet dress is a great way to incorporate interesting patterns over a simple suit. Consider some timeless and trendy cover-up ideas:

  • Sleeveless maxi dresses. It is effortless, billowy, and shows minimal skin, and you can find them with adjustable straps for more sizing versatility.
  • High-waisted crochet pants. These offer a throwback look and work well with any type of swimwear for a more trendy outfit.
  • Sheer shirts and dresses. The classic swimsuit cover-up is sheer, so you get coverage without completely hiding your suit.
  • A shirt dress is a great comfort piece if you need something to help you transition from the pool to a casual outfit.
  • If you want minimal coverage and prefer to show off your crochet bikini top outside the water, a simple sarong is fast and easy.

Light fabrics and loose fits are the defining characteristics of a timeless cover-up, no matter the style.

Blending Fashion and Functionality

With the growing popularity of water sports like paddle boarding and water biking, more women want fashion with function in their choices. Wetsuits are no longer the only option. High-performance swimwear comes in soft prints and stylish cutouts and has practical features like rash guards and long sleeves.

Whether you are in search of a crochet bikini or a full-coverage one-piece, quality and comfort are the most important factors to consider. For cabana-chic swimwear carefully designed to create sculpted silhouettes and unique prints, check out the complete collection from PQ Swim. This woman-owned and designed line offers supportive fits and flattering cuts.

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