What do you wear on Christmas Day?

‘Tis the season to be jolly! As the magical aura of Christmas envelops us like a warm hug, it’s time to wear our merry attire and celebrate the joy of the season. In the words of Andy Rooney, ‘One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day.’

What better way to embrace the festive spirit than with cozy Christmas plus-size sweatshirts that are as merry as the occasion? In the grand tapestry of holiday fashion, let’s explore the delightful world of plus-size sweatshirts, hoodies and sweaters adorned with all things Christmas. Because when it comes to spreading warmth, both in style and spirit, these outfits have got you covered. Get ready to feel the festive magic with styles that are as inclusive as they are comfy!

Top Wear

Festive Sweater:

Get into the holiday spirit with a cozy and festive sweater! Choose one with cute Christmas patterns to add holiday joy to your outfit instantly. Stick to classic colors like red, green, or white for a timeless and elegant Christmas vibe. Biggmans offers a variety of plus size sweaters for holiday season. Our sweater keeps you warm and brings the cheerful essence of Christmas with its merry design and colors. So, wrap yourself up in the season’s warmth and style.

Christmas Sweatshirt:


Getting into the Christmas vibe is easy with a comfy sweatshirt. Pick one that feels warm and festive, decorated with cheerful Christmas patterns. It could be cute reindeer, happy snowmen, or the classic red and green colors that capture the holiday spirit. Choosing a holiday-themed sweatshirt keeps your look laid-back yet cheerful, ensuring you’re cozy and in style for the festive season. If you’re searching for plus-size sweatshirt options, check out Biggmans. We provide a range of affordable and diverse plus-size sweatshirts for the holiday season.

Button-Down Shirt:

For a classic yet festive Christmas look, consider the timeless appeal of a button-down shirt. Choose a vibrant, festive shirt adorned with playful patterns that capture the holiday cheer. Opt for subtle holiday motifs on the shirt, such as tiny reindeer, delicate snowflakes, or discreet ornaments. This choice allows you to blend seasonal charm into your outfit, making it perfect for casual gatherings and more formal celebrations. The button-down shirt strikes the right balance between sophistication and the joyous spirit of Christmas.

Bottom Wear

Pair with Comfortable Plus Size Casual Pants:

Complete your festive look by pairing your chosen Christmas plus-size sweatshirt or hoodie and top with comfortable, stylish plus-size casual pants. Consider options like chinos or khakis that provide a relaxed fit and cater to your unique style, ensuring comfort throughout the joyous celebrations.

Choose Well-Fitted Plus Size Jeans for a Laid-Back Look:

Choose well-fitted plus-size jeans that balance comfort and style for a casual and relaxed vibe. Opt for darker-colored jeans as they bring versatility and a dressier touch to your look. The dark jeans effortlessly add style, making them perfect for various Christmas celebrations. When paired with a Christmas plus-size sweatshirt or sweater, this combination strikes the right balance between coziness and fashion for big guys during the festive season.


Stylish Jacket for Big Guys:

Get your festive vibe on with a cool jacket for plus-size men, ensuring coziness and flair. Pick a jacket that matches your Christmas outfit, whether it’s a warm puffer or a trendy bomber. Choose holiday colors or classic ones to stay cozy and fashionable during the celebrations. The jacket adds some flair and keeps you comfy and looking sharp, proving that stylish clothes for big guys can shine in every season.

Classic Blazer for a Put-Together Look:

Wrap up your Christmas look with a classic blazer. Choose a blazer in festive colors or timeless ones for a polished appearance. Classic blazers can go from casual family gatherings to fancier celebrations, making it a must-have for your festive wardrobe.


Casual Shoes

Complete your outfit with a confident step in the right direction by slipping into style and comfort with casual shoes like loafers or trendy sneakers. Make sure they’re made with plus-size folks in mind, giving you both fashion and a great fit. Pick a color that goes well with your whole outfit, tying everything together.

Stylish Boots

Amp up your Christmas look with boots that bring a touch of sophistication, especially if it’s chilly outside. Look for options that understand the needs of plus-size individuals, giving you both style and coziness. Whether you go for ankle boots or something taller, these shoes help you make a bold statement while keeping warm and festive. In the world of plus-size stylish clothes, every detail, including your boots, adds to the overall charm of your holiday outfit.

Essential Accessories to Perfect Your Festive Look

Add a personal touch to your festive look with accessories like a chain, watch, ring, or bracelet. These small details can make a big impact, reflecting your unique style and personality. Whether you prefer a watch’s timeless elegance or a festive bracelet’s playful charm, choose accessories that resonate with your individuality. By selecting pieces that match your style, you’re not just completing your outfit you’re showcasing a bit of yourself in every detail.

As you step into the holiday gatherings, remember that your thoughtful and inclusive look is a testament to the magic of the season. Wishing you a Merry Christmas filled with warmth, style, and joy!

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