Harshit Nath (Superstar Singer) Age, Biography, Relationships, Wiki & More

Harshit Nath (Superstar Singer) Age, Biography, Relationships, Wiki & More

Basic Information & Achievements of Harshit Nath

Real NameHarshit Nath
HometownShivsagar, Assam
ResidentShivsagar, Assam
GenreBollywood Style
AchievementSelected for Superstar Singer on Sony TV

Harshit Nath is a singer from the Assam state of India who came to fame after getting selected in Singing Show, Superstar Singer on Sony TV. Harshit regularly participates in singing competitions and had won many Prizes. His home is full of Trophies and certificates won by him. In 2019 Harshit gave audition for Sony TV’s show,  Superstar Singer. During the audition, he sang Aane Wala Pal and stun the Judges with his melodious Voice. Harshit is, without doubt, one of the contestants that caught the judges and the captains consideration of the present. The monetary state of affairs he confronted didn’t compromise his singing abilities, which made the judges and captains respect the child much more. Earlier, Harshit had also taken part in Rang Channel’s reality singing show, “Jhankar Little Champs”.

Harshit Nath with his Superstar Singer Memento.

Family and Relationships of Harshit Nath

Harshit Nath’s Father belongs to poor family background. His father is a roadside Vegetable seller and earns an average of 250 Rupees per day. According to Harshit’s mother, they even sometimes manage food and living by borrowing from neighbors. Harshit’s parents can not afford to buy any musical instrument for him, so he used to practice with a “Tanpura Mobile App“. Harshit and his family are fun-loving and live a happy life even with less money.

Harshit Nath having fun with his Father & Mother.

Superstar Singer Audition of Harshit Nath 

During Audition of “Superstar Singer“, Harshit sang  Kishore Kumar’s song “Aane Wala Pal”. Click below to enjoy the performance of Harshit Nath Audition during “Superstar Singer” on Sony TV.


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