Sandals That Make Your Legs Look Longer

If you’re one of those people who love sandals, but you don’t wear them since you believe sandals make your height look shorter. The truth is, the right sandals can actually make your legs appear longer. The key is to choose a pair that’s flattering for your body type.

The good news is, there are many sandal styles that can make your legs look longer and leaner. The best part? You don’t have to wait until Memorial Day to start wearing them!

If you’re looking for a pair of sandals that will make your legs look longer, this is the guide for you. We’ve done the hard work and researched all the best Sandals So that you can find the best pair of shoes for yourself.

Whether you’re petite or tall, there are styles that are sure to suit your height perfectly. And if you want to take things a step further, we even have tips on how to lengthen your legs with the right pair of sandals.

What makes a sandal look good on long legs?

You have many options when it comes to choosing sandals, but there are a few key features to look out for:

  • Sandals that make your legs look longer are usually open-toed. They show off your ankles and give the illusion of height.
  • Try sandals that have a vertical strap that comes up from the sole at the center of your foot and attaches to a thinner strap that sits between your toes. Sometimes it’ll be two thin straps. It’s also referred to as a “T-strap” or “T-bar” style.
  • High heel sandals are best for those who are comfortable with it— they elongate your leg by extending the line of your leg beyond your foot.
  • Nothing makes you look taller than a pair of neutral-toned flats that match your skin tone. And if you want to add a little height with a heel, then wear a mid-heel wedge rather than a stiletto.
  • If you have short legs, the right shoes can actually make them look longer! Just keep in mind three things that will help you appear taller- pointy toes, nude colors, and thin heels.
  • The last key point to look taller, go for a pair of sandals that have a thin ankle strap. This creates the illusion that your legs start higher up on your body.

The suggestions I covered with you in the preceding part should help to make your legs appear longer and slimmer. If you have either thin or chubby legs, all of these styling tips will work well enough in all circumstances.

We’ve talked about style ideas and what you should keep in mind while shopping for a new pair of sandals or heels. Now, let’s look at some of these handpicked Shoes that will work well for girls with chubby legs and petite women.

Here are 10 of our favorite styles that will change your personality, elongate your legs and make your look extra gorgeous.

1. Wrapped Stiletto Heel


Best Buy

These wrapped stiletto heel sandals are a lovely Spring/Summer addition to any wardrobe. They will certainly elongate your legs and can be worn for both day and night occasions. The wrapped heel creates an illusion that gives the appearance of a slimmer ankle and longer leg. This comfy pair is ideal for wearing with any outfit!

2. Ankle-strap Heel


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If you have been looking for stylish and feminine heels or sandals that are comfortable enough to stand or walk for a long duration of time, then this pair is specially made for you. Ankle-strap heels are the best way to lengthen your legs because they have a foot strap that shows off the ankle and skin or also creating an illusion of longer and leaner legs.

3. Nude heels or sandals


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Sandals that match your skin tone and make your legs longer by a seamless blend between skin and shoe. This is why you may see so many celebrities wearing nude pumps on the red carpet. Sandals are a great option for creating the illusion of longer legs because they tend to have thinner straps and show more skin than pumps or closed-toe shoes.

4. Strappy sandals


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Ditch those boring flip-flops and opt for strappy sandals instead. With multiple thin straps in different directions, this style instantly creates the illusion of longer legs while also keeping you cool during hot summer days. Wear them with dresses, skirts or even jeans for an effortlessly chic vibe to this season.

5. Multiple strap sandals


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It’s important that the straps be thin, as thick or chunky that can visually lengthen your legs by drawing attention to the widest part of your leg, which is your ankle. In addition to being elegant and sexy, multiple strap heels or sandals are extremely versatile. They can be worn with dresses, skirts, shorts, or cropped pants.

6. Chunky Sandals


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Chunky Sandals are the perfect pair of sandals when they make your legs look as long as possible. These come with a chunky heel and a toe strap, so they’re super comfortable. They also have an ankle strap that ties in the back, that creates an illusion of elongating your legs.A chunky heel is much more comfortable and gives you a long and lean look. Plus, these sandals have a sexy tie-up detail that’ll make your legs look even longer.

7. Polka Dots Strappy Heels


Best Buy

Ladies become really enthusiastic when it comes to polka dot designs because this polka dots design is a fantastic choice for both outfits and sandals. There is no better alternative than polka dot sandals to attract attention on your feet.These sandals will make your legs look longer and more slender.

The higher strappy heels help to show off your legs and give you longer and leaner effects.Black is a classic color choice for strappy sandals. It best matches any outfit and it offers the most leg-lengthening effects.

8. Dye strappy sandals


Best Buy

Dye Strappy sandals are a great way to make your legs look longer. They create a slimming effect by drawing the eye up and down your leg. You can get this effect with any pair of sandals that have thin straps — whether they’re thong sandals, lace-up sandals or gladiator sandals.

To ensure the maximum leg-lengthening effect, pick a pair that has thin straps and creates a long line from your toes to your ankles to your knees. These dye sandals fulfill all needs of petite women.

9. Square Toe Clear Sandals


Best Buy

This pair of sandals can make your legs look longer and more slender and elegant. These transparent high heeled sandals are a perfect choice for chubby legs.

The ankle strap is adjustable and buckled according to your feet size, so that the sandals can fit your feet better and offer you a comfortable wearing experience all day. Suitable for many occasions like weddings, cocktail parties, evening parties, dinners and other special occasions.

10. Pointy toe clear-heeled sandals


Best Buy

If you want a pair of high-heeled sandals that will make you feel taller and more glamorous, these clear-heeled sandals are definitely for you!

You can wear them with almost any outfit, but they look especially good with a pair of jeans. They provide the appearance of bare feet, making your legs appear longer and slimmer. You can pair them with your favorite stretchy jeans that are high waisted so they help elongate legs even more. Silver and transparent color combination of these sandals make out the crowd and best for all colors of dresses including red and black.



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