5 Shoes Gaining Popularity In 2023

Hot sneakers are essential. Showcasing your style, staying on trend, and maximizing gameplay are just a few reasons to gravitate to stellar kicks. In 2023, staple speakers for the basketball court and casual wear are still as popular as ever.

Celebrity collaborations with sneaker brands make the allure of classic sneakers even more appealing. Now, you can wear your favorite kicks crafted in the essence of artists you love. Billie Eilish has collaborated with Nike to establish iconic editions of classic sneakers.

Today’s kicks have it all. Customized options are abundant, and fresh takes on classics like Nike x Billie Eilish are just as relevant. If you’re ready to run towards the best shoes this year, read on for five shoes gaining popularity.

Nike x Billie Eilish Collaborations

The 2023 top trending kicks include collections by Nike x Billie Eilish. Sneaker collaborations include Nike Air Alpha Force 88 x Billie Eilish, Nike x Billie Eilish Air Force 1- ‘Sequoia,’ and Nike x Billie Eilish Air Force 1 Low ‘White.’ Each signature collection presents a unique mix of texture, edginess, and minimalist aesthetic.

1.  Nike Air Alpha Force 88

A replication of Michael Jordan’s 1988 iconic basketball sneakers, the Nike Air Alpha Force 88 Nike x Billie Eilish exudes classic retro colorways. The contoured footbed, forefoot strap, and ski-lock back provide stability and mobility with every step.

2.   Air Force 1- ‘Sequoia’

Billie and Nike collaborate on this sneaker that reminds the wearer to move through life, making choices that benefit the world. This black and forest green shoe breathes new life into sustainable materials to create a balanced and contemporary sneaker. Scrap materials make the patchwork-style upper. Nike x Billie Eilish logos rest on the sock liner.

3.   Air Force 1 Low ‘White’

As a refreshing edition of the Air Force 1, this classic white sneaker with Triple White colorways and a cork sock liner is a combination of elements that reflect Billie’s progressive take on the legendary sneaker. This Nike x Billie Eilish sneaker is low-cut with a padded collar and a sleek fit that any sneaker-lover will appreciate.

4.   Air Jordan 1 Element Gore-Tex- ‘Sky J Purple’

Air Jordans are classic, and new editions keep things interesting. Currently, the vibe is hoops heritage mixed with leather overlays. GORE-TEX materials frame the shoe, a reflective Swoosh lines both sides, and the Wings logo rests on the collar. Moody tones of gray, orange, and purple make this casual sneaker unique.

5.   Nike Dunk Low

As a staple sneaker, the re-emergence of Nike Dunk Low is here in Sail/Deep Jungle (a blend of milky white and green like Nike x Billie Eilish Sequoias). Walk in style with a suede Swoosh and benefit your gameplay with reactive shock absorption.

The Kicks To Get

Get the shoes that put confidence in your every step. Whether you want to perform like your favorite athlete or your favorite artist, kicks like Nike x Billie Eilish, Air Jordans, and Dunk Lows are trending now. Each shoe in this collection showcases unique design elements, materials, and colorways, catering to different tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a fan of classic retro vibes, sustainable fashion, or modern design with a touch of nostalgia, there are options to suit various style preferences and practical needs.

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