Tips For Building The Perfect Formal Outfit

How you dress on a daily basis may be much different than what you wear to a formal event, and it can be challenging to decide on your outfit. Whether you’re attending a wedding, cocktail party, or another event, you should look the part. Most people don’t have a closet full of formal options, as these occasions occur only a few times per year. With that said, you may not be well-versed in fancy attire—explore these helpful tips for building the perfect formal outfit to ensure you look fabulous!

Consider the Event Type

The event you’re dressing for should have an influence on what you decide to wear. For instance, you probably wouldn’t wear a cocktail dress to an outdoor picnic party or jeans and a T-shirt to a wedding. Therefore, you should consider building your outfit around the weather, the specifics of the event you’re attending, and your personal style.

Avoid Showing Too Much Skin

Formal events call for some level of modesty, and it’s not always OK to show too much skin. You should avoid showing your cleavage, midriff, and upper thighs to ensure you look your best. Often, formal events are in celebration of something or someone else, and wearing something scandalous is a surefire way to steal the spotlight in a negative way. With that said, you should make sure your outfit covers you and creates a modest appearance.

Choose the Right Accessories

Choosing accessories is the perfect way to personalize your outfit, but you should be careful not to wear too many at once. If you don’t already have accessories, you should consider choosing some to add to your wardrobe; this way, you’ll always have gorgeous choices on hand for last-minute events. Once you have your accessories, knowing a few easy ways to accessorize a cocktail dress is the final step to creating the ultimate outfit.

Spend Time on Your Hair and Makeup

Your outfit is an important factor when it comes to your overall appearance, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your hair and makeup. When preparing for a formal event, you should take your time to try a new hairstyle and put on some makeup. If you don’t love wearing glamorous makeup, you can choose a look that’s neutral and natural.

Your outfit may speak for itself, but you can never go wrong with putting extra effort into your overall appearance. If you have to get ready quickly, you can put a few curls in your hair and touch up your makeup before leaving.

Opt for Neutrals When in Doubt

It may be tempting to wear vibrant colors to fun events, but you shouldn’t do this unless the host allows or requests it. If you’re unsure of the overall theme or dress code, you should consider opting for neutral colors. Whether you wear a black, gray, or nude-colored dress, you can’t lose—you’ll look just as stunning in neutral colors as you do in bright ones.


With these tips for building the perfect formal outfit, you’ll look fabulous and stylish at any event. Although choosing the best ensemble for specific occasions can be difficult, you can avoid the panic by keeping a few modest, neutral-toned dresses in your closet for last-minute invitations.

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