What To Wear To College Graduation Ceremony

What To Wear To College Graduation Ceremony

The most expected day is around the corner; you have spent all the time studying, preparing for exams and writing exams. Now all the academic work is over, it is time to graduate from college. This is not as easy as it seems for most students, there is this big question to answer hanging over them – What to wear to college graduation ceremony? This should not be that difficult to answer after reading this informative piece. There are certain things you must do and what you should not do to be properly dressed and ready for your commencement ceremony.  Here are some tips that will help you with Convocation dress ideas.

Tips on What to Wear To Your College Graduation

There is no need to wonder what to wear to college graduation ceremony; the tips to be released will serve as a guide to selecting an appropriate dress for graduation ceremony.

  • Select a Dress that is impressive

Your overall outfit on this memorable day should be that which brings out the style in you while presenting the corporately looking matured adult within you as well. You should intentionally look fashionable and dressed to impress, due to the fact that there will be so many photo shots with your family and friends throughout the day. And the major part of these pictures will be taken with the graduation robe off or hanging in your hands.

Try to look as sassy as possible, those pictures might definitely end up on the social media, even if you don’t intend to upload them yourself. There are times when friends, classmates and family members upload graduation photos with them on the social and guess what? Your own picture is included. It will be such an awful feeling when you get to see such a post, with you looking like the odd one out. So, select the best dress possible to impress all, looking as smashing as you can be in your corporate but sassy graduation outfit.

  • Don’t Plan to Hide Under the Covering of Your Graduation Robe

You should avoid this mistake made by some students believing that the robe will cover everything under. This makes them dress shabbily under; believing that whatever is under cannot be seen. Sorry to disappoint you, that robe will not be on you all day, except you are planning to be the clown of the day. Plus the fact that you might not have enough time to go back home in time to change for your graduation party, or a lunch out with your family and friends to celebrate the graduation. Trust me on this one – there is no time to change. So, it is very important to plan what to wear to college graduation ceremony.

  • Wear a Fitting Dress Under Your Robe

An appropriate dress for graduation ceremony should be such that is very fitting and not bogus at all. You will only look bloated if you decide to wear a bogus outfit under your robe, your size notwithstanding. The robe adds a great layer to your appearance already, so choose a dress that is very fitting to wear underneath. But be sure that it is corporate or semi-corporate while being very comfortable too. So, avoid wearing full dresses or shirts, rather go for a tight body hugging sleek dresses or not so tight sleek clothes. This will make you look smashing for the cameras and to everyone at the event.

  • Be sure to Dress For the Weather

While planning on dresses to wear to graduation ceremony, be sure to consider the present weather condition. Always factor in the weather in your choice of clothes to wear, even for your graduation. Just imagine if you have an all covered outfit during a graduation ceremony that takes place at summer time. This will be very uncomfortable; there are specific dresses to wear for summer. One should also cover up well during winter so that you don’t end up frozen in your attempt to dress to impress.

  • Don’t Wear Uncomfortable shoes

The shoes you choose is very important while planning what to wear to college graduation ceremony. The golden rule of selecting the shoes to wear is to ‘never wear a new shoe’ for this ceremony. New shoes are usually tight and painful, this occasion is too important to try a new shoe out for the first time. Go for block heels or other pin heels that are not too high. The key word here is being as comfortable as possible in your shoes. This is due to the fact that you will be moving continuously throughout this great occasion and that has to be done with comfortable shoes. 


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