Do You Need Supplements To Lose Weight or Build Muscle

Do You Need Supplements To Lose Weight or Build Muscle

Today we are going to get into something that many of you are crazy to know about that do you need supplements to lose weight or build muscle.  We’re going to talk about one of the frequently asked questions. A lot of people asks what the best supplement to put on size is, or to get shredded that help your muscles to recover. Actually, they want to know what supplements to take. Before we even get into that, I just want to let you guys know something which is incredible. Read this until the end; let me keep it real with you guys. Bunch of people will hate what they are going to read but it is the truth which I will reveal you today.

I am going to tell you something, the real thing that in actual you guys don’t need any supplement. Let me give you guys an example. Do you know those guys in the jail, a lot of these guys are in jail right now, and they are bigger than half of the guys you watch on YouTube? Think about this, they are in jail. Do you think they could afford supplements, BCAA, Protein shakes, Creatine, Amino Acids, all of those types of supplements? No, they couldn’t afford these supplements but they still look jacked and huge. These guys are shredded but they don’t use supplements. Now a day there are so many channels on YouTube and everyone’s saying to take this or that pill. People think, if they take the supplement it’s going to help you to be exactly like that person but actually it’s false. That person is lying and he knows he’s lying.


Focus On Natural Food

Let me tell you something about supplements, I am not saying they’re not good for you, they can help you but don’t depend on them. According to me if you take one scoop i.e. 25 grams of whey protein a day, which is enough for you but don’t forget to take protein from your natural food. Nowadays, there are so many commercials on TV that if you take this pill then  you are going to burn fat faster. It’s all lies guys and reality these types of products always have some side effect. I recommend you to go natural for any transformation. I know it’s hard to read stuff like this because it’s truth and truth hurts sometimes.

Lots of people are lying online and I get annoyed when I see stuff like that. It’s all a business and they all just want their money. I am not saying this about all supplements. I recommend you to take only Whey Protine after your workout. You guys don’t need any other supplement. You can get essential vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. Add fruits and vegetables in at least three meals of your day.  Also, add protein-rich natural food in all your meals. So there is no need of supplements and just stick to natural foods like chicken, turkey, fruits, vegetables and all the healthy stuff. You have to decide it that you need to focus on natural food or do you need supplements to lose weight or build muscle.

Keep Your Goals Long Term

Always keep your goals long term either it is fat loss goal or a muscle gain goal. Some guys took pills to get the result faster. But never take this kind of stuff because it comes with lots of side effects. You ask any genuine person, a person that you think that will tell you the truth and that person will tell you the same thing. A lot of people are just all about the money, to be honest. They get the check from Supplement Company and then they pretend like they drink it every day and that supplement gave them such body. But it’s actually false.

If you guys want to take supplements, you could but don’t depend on them in my opinion. So guys take natural foods and they will help you the best. We’re not in this for short-term we’re in this for the long term and we want to be shredded all year around. When you keep your goals long term then the results will stick with you forever. So if you want the long-term results then don’t depend on supplements.


So finally again I want to tell you that in my opinion, you don’t even need supplements but if you want to go ahead then it’s your wish. We are going to write some articles on cooking to show you guys, what to eat on daily basis, very soon. So guys let’s spread this article and share this with your friends as this information needs to come up. Everyone says, this supplement made me get a big chest and this supplement made me lose weight.  They are all lying and reality is it’s just hard work and natural food. They put in the work in the gym, they got the results and now they get a check from a company and they drink the supplement that they pretend like that’s what gave them results.

I am not saying that all supplements are bad, some of them are good. But you still got to have your natural food even if you have that supplements. Don’t depend on supplement; you still have to eat if you guys want to become shredded. Hope this article helps you to know that “Do you need supplements to lose weight or build muscle”. If you have any query or suggestions then please comment below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends or on your Facebook account.

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