American Idol 2022 Top Contestants List (Season 20)

American Idol is a music reality show, which was created by Fremantle North America and 19 Entertainment. All American candidates took part in this event and showcased their talent to the rest of the world. Contestants on this program come from various places around America and are fully committed to achieving their goals through this show.

American Idol is a reality TV series presented by well-known American tv presenters. The series’ concept is about discovering singing stars from unknown singing talents, with the winner decided by American singing enthusiasts via phones, the Internet, SMS text voting, etc. With the help of this show, the public has an opportunity to find rising singing stars.

The American Idol singing competition returned to ABC in 2022, which is great news for all singing fans. This program is now presented by recognized judges and jury, with the 20th season premiered on February 27, 2022. This show airs on ABC every Sunday at 8 p.m. All music fans have been waiting for this show for a long time, now your wait is over. After some time, you will watch this performance and also participate in this show to make the country proud with their unique singing skill.

Top 24 Contestants of American Idol 2022 Season 20

By the end of the Showstopper/Final Judgment (Episode 9), there were 24 contestants who were selected and had moved on to sing for America’s votes on the upcoming April 10 episode.

The full list of the top 24 contestants of American Idol Season 20 is:

  1. Leah Marlene
  2. Jay Copeland
  3. Nicolina Bozzo
  4. Emyrson Flora
  5. Katyrah Love
  6. Fritz Hager
  7. Jacob Moran
  8. Allegra Miles
  9. Cameron Whitcomb
  10. Ava Maybee
  11. Sir Blayke
  12. Elli Rowe
  13. Mike Parker
  14. Tristen Gressett
  15. Christian Guardino
  16. Noah Thompson
  17. Cadence Baker
  18. HunterGirl
  19. Danielle Finn
  20. Sage
  21. Kenedi Anderson
  22. Scalret Ayliz
  23. Lady K
  24. Daniel Marshall

Contestants Selected for Hollywood Duets Challenge Round

In season 20 0f American Idol, a total 59 number of contestants are selected for Duet Round. Hunter Girl, Jay Copeland, and Kenedi Anderson won the platinum ticket in their Auditions and reach the duet round directly without singing in the Genre Challenge round of Hollywood week.

Here is the list of the some of the Contestants selected for the Hollywood Duets Challenge Round:

1 Katyrah Love Baltimore, MD Top 27
2 Jacob Moran Dansville, MI Top 27
3 Emyrson Flora Cleveland, Ohio Top 27
4 Fritz Hager Tyler, Texas Top 27
5 Tristen Gressett Pell City, Alabama Top 27
6 Douglas Mills Houston, TX Top 27
7 Kaylin Roberson Raleigh, NC Top 27
8 Mike Parker Warrenton, VA Top 27
9 Ryleigh Madison Whiteville, NC Top 27
10 Jay Copeland Salisbury, MD Top 27
11 Cadence Baker Muscle Shoals, AL Top 27
12 Sir Blayke Chicago, IL Top 27
13 Sarahbeth Taite Nashville, TN Top 27
14 Olivia Faye Nashville, TN Top 27
15 Cole Hallman Nashville, TN Top 27
16 Kenedi Anderson Crozet, VA Top 27
17 Nicolina Los Angeles, CA Top 27
18 Tobias Como, North Carolina Top 27
19 Hunter Girl Winchester, TN Top 27
20 Leah Marlene Normal, Illinois Top 27
21 Danielle Finn Los Angeles, CA Top 27
22 Noah Thompson Louisa, KY Top 27
23 Kelsie Dolin Boone County, WV Top 27
24 Christian Guardino Patchogue, NY Top 27
25 Kevin Gullage New Orleans, LA Top 27
26 Danielle Clavell Queens, NY Top 27
27 Ava Maybee Los Angeles, CA Top 27

Here’s list of top American Idol 2022 contestants

Sr No. Contestant Name From Status
1 Julia Jewel New Canaan, Connecticut Auditioned
2 Bri Sims Cypress, Texas Auditioned
3 Maurice New Orleans, Louisiana Auditioned
4 Caysi Keller Mammoth, MT Auditioned
5 Donavan Diaz Los Angeles, CA Auditioned
6 Kendra Checketts Los Angeles, CA Auditioned
7 Rachael Pinocchio Los Angeles, CA Auditioned
8 Shy Keller Park City, Utah Auditioned
9 Justin Grider Lake Ozark, MO Auditioned
10 Alicia Nashville, TN Auditioned
11 Miguela Florida Auditioned
12 Jenna Marquis Simi Valley, CA Auditioned
13 Christian Quesenberry Smith Mountain Lake, VA Auditioned
14 Monica Zerance Nashville, TN Auditioned
15 Dustin Chapman Nashville, TN Auditioned
16 Katyrah Miami, Florida Auditioned
17 Jacob Moran Chicago, Illinois Auditioned
18 Dakota Hayden Rosine, Kentucky Auditioned
19 Emyrson Hudson, Ohio Auditioned
20 Fritz Hager Tyler, Texas Auditioned
21 Tristen Gressett Alabama Auditioned
22 Colby Cobb Nashville, TN Auditioned
23 Jourdan Blue New Orleans, Louisiana Auditioned
24 Trell North Carolina Auditioned
25 Douglas Mills Houston, TX Auditioned
26 Jordan Chase Torrez Pensacola, Florida Auditioned
27 Eshan Sobti Vancouver Auditioned
28 Taylor Davidson Nashville, TN Auditioned
29 Presley Trevino Austin, TX Auditioned
30 Elisheva Mcaleny South Carolina Auditioned
31 Tyra Madison Nashville, TN Auditioned
32 Saylor Woodmansee Oklahoma City Auditioned
33 Cali Morris Pataskala, OH Auditioned
34 Isaiah Otto Frederic, Wisconsin Auditioned
35 Magdiel Reyes Puerto Rico Auditioned
36 Ilake Ragan Austin, TX Auditioned
37 Carrie Brockwell Richmond, VA Auditioned
38 Rachel Chiu Vancouver Auditioned
39 Jillian Bryant Chickasha, OK Auditioned
40 Robbie Clark Toledo, OH Auditioned
41 Corey Curtis Florida Auditioned
42 Nic Howell Orlando, FL Auditioned
43 Krik Richmond Houston, TX Auditioned
44 Delaney Renee Nashville, TN Auditioned
45 Christiana Alaire Nashville, TN Auditioned
46 Taylor Fagins New York City, NY Auditioned
47 Brooke Williams Scottsdale, AZ Auditioned
48 Capri Everitt Los Angeles, CA Auditioned
49 Morgan Gruber Nashville, TN Auditioned
50 Jayy Philadelphia Auditioned
51 Kaylin Roberson Nashville, TN Auditioned
52 Matt Gorman Nashville, TN Auditioned
53 Marlene Mendoza New York City, NY Auditioned
54 Mike Parker Las Vegas, Nevada Auditioned
55 Skyler Los Angeles, CA Auditioned
56 Bryce McGlothin Miami, Florida Auditioned
57 Grace Pehrman Boston, MA Auditioned
58 Cassie Ortiz Miami, Florida Auditioned
59 Danny Czerkawski Boston, MA Auditioned
60 Milo Boland San Francisco, CA Auditioned
61 Kezia Istonia
Montgomery, AL Auditioned
62 Manda Malina Los Angeles, CA Auditioned
63 Zareh Isa Los Angeles, CA Auditioned
64 Devin Michael
Portland, Maine Auditioned
65 Valerie Marie Miami, Florida Auditioned
66 Tyler Christian Boston, MA Auditioned
67 Zia Blue Mexico Auditioned
68 Brooks Kidd Nashville, TN Auditioned
69 Milla DeVilliers Laguna Hills, CA Auditioned
70 Ryleigh Madison New York City, NY Auditioned
71 Kenzie Elizabeth Los Angeles, CA Auditioned
72 Kyler St. Phard Hightstown, NJ Auditioned
73 Sam Moss Chicago, IL Auditioned
74 Daniel Griffith Virginia Auditioned
75 JeShaun Jackson Paris, Kentucky Auditioned
76 Ry Conic Nashville, TN Auditioned
77 Jeremiah Jay Copeland Salisbury, MD Auditioned
78 Katie O Florida Auditioned
79 Cadence Baker Nashville, TN Auditioned
80 Sir Blayke Los Angeles, CA Auditioned
81 Elli Rowe Nashville, TN Auditioned
82 Sarahbeth Taite Nashville, TN Auditioned
83 Olivia Faye Nashville, TN Auditioned
84 Aubrey Louisville, Kentucky Auditioned
85 Aaron Taylor Louisville, Kentucky Auditioned
86 Cole Hallman Nashville, TN Auditioned
87 Kenedi Anderson Louisiana Auditioned
88 Natalia Bonfini Cape Cod, MA Auditioned
89 Jade Flores Red Oak, Texas Auditioned
80 Chase Johanson Los Angeles, CA Auditioned
81 Stephen Pitters Miami, Florida Auditioned
82 Nicolina Los Angeles, CA Auditioned
83 Ciasia Nicole Nashville, TN Auditioned
84 Dakota Hayden Fordsville, KY Auditioned
85 Mike Osborne Bridgewater, VA Auditioned
86 Elliot Greer New York Auditioned
87 Ryan Argast Chicago, IL Auditioned
88 Lucas West New York Auditioned
89 Betty Maxwell Dallas, TX Auditioned
90 Joedi Silvers Nashville, TN Auditioned
91 Toni Alers Nashville, TN Auditioned
92 Prince Tch
Como, North Carolina Auditioned

This is a list of some of the contestants who competed in American Idol 2022, and these individuals will go on the stage of the American singing reality show and make the country proud.

We will update this list from time to time.

American Idol 2022, Season 20 Judges

Click here to know the latest news about American Idol season 20.

American Idol Season 20 Host and Judges having fun onsets.

Judges and the host of American Idol 2022 are Roar singer Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan, while Ryan Seacrest, the sole surviving original cast member, will return as the season’s host.

All those who are eagerly awaiting this event, wait until 27 february because this show will be broadcast on television. you will be able to hear the voice of American singers from many locations throughout America. You have the opportunity to choose who will be the winner of American Idol 2022.


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