Tapolabdha Sardar (Superstar Singer) Age, Biography, Family, Wiki & More

Tapolabdha Sardar (Superstar Singer) Age, Biography, Family, Wiki & More

Basic Information and Family of Tapolabdha Sardar 

Real Name Tapolabdha Sardar
Born 2006
Hometown Kolkata, West Bengal
Favorite Singer Pandit Ajay Chakrabarty, Lata Mangeshkar
Genre Classical and Semi-Classical Music
Her Role Model Swami Vivekananda
Achievement Selected among Top 16 on Superstar Singer.

Tapolabdha Sardar is a classical singer from the beautiful city of Kolkata, West Bengal.  Tapolabdha loves nature and her home is full of plants, trees, and nature. Before coming to Superstar Singer, Tapolabdha’s friends and known ones used to judge her for dark complexion and looks. She feels low confidence during such phases of life. But her parents are very supportive of her singing carrier. Her mother is also a trained musician and Tapolabdha learns music from her.

Tapolabdha Sardar with her Mother while practicing Singing.

Music and Singing Journey of Tapolabdha Sardar

Tapolabdha Sardar started singing from the age of 4 Years. Tapolabdha is a classically trained singer and she learns classical music from the very childhood. She is also expert in playing Harmonium along with singing. Tapolabdha’s Hindi is a little bit weak and she mostly sings classical Bengali Songs. Even though she knows little bit Hindi, she sings Hindi songs very well.

Tapolabdha got a big break in 2019 when Jyotica Tangri brought her to the auditions of “Superstar Singer” Show on Sony TV. During the audition of Superstar Singer, She stunned the judges with her classical performance. Specially Javed Ali and Alka Yagnik were highly impressed by her singing.

Tapolabdha Sardar singing while playing Harmonium at her Home.

Tapolabdha Sardar Audition On Superstar Singer

Click on the video below and listen to the song sung by Tapolabdha Sardar during the Audition round of Superstar Singer:


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