Top 5 Sardar, Sikh Models & Fashion Icons 2024

There was a time when people used to say that Sardar gentlemen are not meant to enter modeling or entertainment industry. In films, the Sikh or “Sardar” character was potrayed as a funny character. Even, many Sikh boys cut their hair to enter the world of modeling and make there carrier forward without turban.

In the eighties and nineties, artists like Jaspal Bhatti and Daler Mehndi proved this thing wrong with there success. They make Sardars proud at national and international levels in the entertainment industry. Many artists have proved that turban is not a hindrance to this industry, infact it is an extra advantage.

In the end of the 90s, the turban style of Punjabi singers, Inderjit Nikku and Ravider Grewal showed a new way to the boys and changed their way of looking at the turban. This was the first time that the turban was seen as a fashion statement.

In later years Diljit took the turban’s identity to the next level in the world of Bollywood and fashion. This encouraged many sikh boys to come forward in this Industry. Now the time has come when even the big Bollywood stars like Amir, Salman and Sharukh Khan loves to play sikh chracter.

In past few years events like Mr. Punjab showed us the level of sikh models and there capability in this field. Also the Digital platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Youtube has given a stage to Sardar Models to showcase their capability.

Here in this Article I bring for you top Sikh Models and Fashion Icons of 2024 who proved that how elegant a person can look with turban. These are guys who not only developed there own style, even they are encouraging and helping other sikh men to look more elegant.

Gurlal Singh Sandhu

Sardar Gurlal Singh Sandhu
Achievement Mr Punjab Winner 2016
Instagram Followers 28K +
Insta ID @gurlalsingh479

Gaganjot Singh Mohal

Sardar Gaganjot Singh Mohal
Youtube Collab with Multiple Brands
Instagram Followers 41K+
Insta ID @gaganjotsinghmohal

Santwinder Singh Waraich

Sardar Santwinder Singh Waraich
Achievement Founder of Warsan Styles
Instagram Followers 1 Million +
Insta ID @santwinder_singh_waraich

Arsh Sandhu

Sardar Arsh Sandhu
Achievement Mr Punjab 2016 Participant
Instagram Followers 33K +
Insta ID @arshsandhu713

Aman Singh Virk

Sardar Aman Singh Virk
Achievement Collab with Multiple Brands
Instagram Followers 255K +
Insta ID @aman_singhvirk


Hope you liked the list of sikh models shared in this article. I tried my best to share the most accurate information about these models. Do you know any of these even before reading this article, please reply in comments below. Also give us feedback for any improvement.

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