Indian Idol 13 Top Contestants, Elimination & Winner List 2023

Indian Idol is an Indian Hindi-language singing reality show. From 2004 to 2021 we have seen 12 seasons of Indian Idol. It is the most popular singing television show on Sony TV. In 2022 Sony TV bring the 13th season of Indian Idol.

The Thirteenth season of Indian Idol Ground Auditions was started in July 2022 and first aired on 10 September 2012 on Sony TV. It is hosted by singer Aditya Narayan. In this season we will see previous year’s judges, Neha Kakkar, Vishal Dadlani, and Himesh Reshammiya.

Indian Idol Elimination Today (List Of Contestants Eliminated This Week)

On the 25th March 2023 Episode, Senjutidas got eliminated from Indian Idol 2022-2023, season 13. On the 8th January 2023 Episode, Kavya Limaye and Vinit Singh got eliminated. Indian Idol decided for double elimination as the previous week there was no elimination.

Anushka Patra got eliminated on December 11 Episode. Rupum Bharnariya got eliminated on November 27 Episode. Sanchari Sengupta got eliminated on November 13 Episode. Pritam Roy got eliminated on October 30 Episode. Shagun Pathak got eliminated on October 16 Episode.

On the 18 September Episode, the top 30 contestants were finalized by the Judges. The top 30 competed in the Theatre round. The telecast of the Theatre round started on 24th September 2022 on Sony TV.

On the 25th September 2022 episode, the Top 15 contestants were finalized by judges instead of 14. Below is the list of the Top 15 contestants & top 30 of Indian Idol season 13.

Indian Idol 13 Contestant Top 6 Finalists & Top 30 List





1 Shivam Singh Vadodara Top 6
2 Rishi Singh Ayodhya Top 6
3 Bidipta Chakraborty Kolkata Top 6
4 Deboshmita Roy Kolkata Top 6
5 Sonakshi Kar Kolkata Top 6
6 Chirag Kotwal Jammu & Kashmir Top 6
7 Senjuti Das Kolkata Eliminated (7th Position)
8 Navdeep Wadali Amritsar Eliminated (8th Position)
9 Kavya Limaye Vadodara, Gujrat Eliminated (9th Position)
10 Vinit Singh Lucknow Eliminated (10th Position)
11 Anushka Patra Kolkata Eliminated (11th Position)
12 Rupum Bharnariya Amritsar Eliminated (12th Position)
13 Sanchari Sengupta Kolkata Eliminated (13th Position)
14 Pritam Roy Naihati Eliminated (14th Position)
15 Shagun Pathak Ranchi, Jharkhand Eliminated (15th Position)
16 Rito Riba Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh Eliminated (Top 30)
17 Bunty Bhandal Ludhiana/Gurdaspur Eliminated (Top 30)
18 Tabish Ali Muzzafarnagar Eliminated (Top 30)
19 Prabhupada Mohanty Baleswar, Odisha Eliminated (Top 30)
20 Junetra Das Naihati, West Bengal Eliminated (Top 30)
21 Ganesh Mistri Sindhudurg, Maharashtra Eliminated (Top 30)
22 Pratiksha Deka Gauhati, Assam Eliminated (Top 30)
23 Pratik Arun Solse Nasik, Maharashtra Eliminated (Top 30)
24 Kaushik Chakraborty Haripal, West Bengal Eliminated (Top 30)
25 Nahid Afrin Biswanath, Assam Eliminated (Top 30)
26 Ananya Sritam Nanda Bhubaneswar, Odisha Eliminated (Top 30)
27 Muskaan Tomar Mumbai Eliminated (Top 30)
28 Shrisha Eliminated (Top 30)
29 Name Not Available Eliminated (Top 30)
30 Name Not Available Eliminated (Top 30)

Indian Idol Process and Rounds

  • Ground Auditions: The first round of, Indian Idol is Ground Audition. It is divided into two segments. In the first segment, participants sing without music in front of a Judge, assigned by the Sony TV. If they clear first segment, they are sent to the second segment of first round. In the second segment, participants get a mic and band where they perform with proper music. This is also Judged by Sony TV Crew Judges.
  • Talent Round: The second round is the Talent round which is arranged 2 to 3 weeks after the “Ground Auditions”. Here you can see contestants which are shortlisted from different cities’ Ground Auditions. Here the judges check the singer’s performance and singing with the music. They also record contestants’ performance for the Screen Test. If the contestant passes the screen test, then he/she is moved to the TV Round.
  • TV Round: The third round is the TV round where contestants actually meet the real Judges. These are the actual auditions that are featured on TV. Previously these auditions were arranged with music but now these TV round is also performed with proper music. In TV rounds, Judges give golden tickets to selected singers who perform better and promote them in theatre round. Some contestants, who sing extraordinarily well bypass theatre round and are directly promoted to the top 12 or top 14 or top 15.
  • Theatre Round: Here also contestant performs with music and sometimes duet singing is tested. The winners of this round are given a place in the top 12 or top 15 and are honored with Golden Mic Trophy.
  • Gala Round: In the Gala Round, the Top 12 or Top 15 contestants compete each week for 12 to 15 weeks and slowly contestants got eliminated week after week. Elimination is based on the votes of viewers and the judges.
  • Grand Finale: In the Grand Finale we usually see 3 to 5 contestants competing to win Indian Idol. In some seasons we even saw two contestants competing.

Here are some shots taken from different rounds from Indian Idol Season 13.


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